Thermostat heat not working w1 & w2 gas heat

Hello everyone! Seemed to be working yesterday and woke up this morning and it was 61 degrees and blowing cold air. I have reset and tried multiple times. I can get it to activate heat stage 1 but not stage 2. AC seems to work fine. I have a conventional system that uses gas. Have some babies to keep warm so I would prefer to fix this as soon as I can.

Picture of the old setup!

Are you 100% sure it’s a gas system? All signs and wires point to a heat pump. :thinking:


Thank you for the feedback! 100% sure, got gas lines going to the HVAC outside and my bill reflects it also :wink:

Is your’s a package unit on the side of the house? Reason I ask is your wiring is showing 2 stages of cooling and 2 stages of heat.

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Yes it is on the side all in one deal

Model number of the package unit?

Amana apg153009041CA

During setup, did the app show R, C, Y1, Y2, W1, W2, and G?

It did, it found all of the connected wires. I even went so far as to remove and reseat the w1 & w2 wires to confirm the connection was good

Have you used the Test feature yet to see if 1st stage or 2nd stage is the issue?

Yes, stage one takes a while but will eventually blow warm and air. However, stage two will only blow cool air

Unfortunately, the same issue presented itself. Heat would not turn on in the night and woke up to 61 degrees (it was set to 67). I redid the setup again with the same results.

Bypassing the Wyze, have to tried to close the R and W2 to ensure stage 2 heating in furnace actually is working?
I have a two-stage furnace, but I have yet (after 15 years) to run second stage even once.

I can’t remember exactly, but I think the Wyze has a feature to limit (“control”) the usage of stage 2 heat, as in a heatpump that is often a resistive heater and gets VERY expensive. So maybe there is a chance that you did program the thermostat to be connected to a heat pump, and not a (gas) furnace.

Once again, only faint memory that this was a feature when it was presented in the fall. Not 100% sure.

Thank you for your insight and help also! I have not tried that and I’ve actually told Wyze that stage 2 was electric and gas in different reset/attempts to get it to work. Neither did work. So I’m not 100% sure why even stage one doesnt seem to be coming on overnight.

I have not been able to get in touch with Wyze on the phone at all. If no one else has any ideas I fear I may just take it down completely because I need the heat to work.

Well unfortunately I’ve removed the thermostat. My old one has resumed heating duties. Disappointed my Wyze will not work correctly

I seem to be having the same issue with the Thermostat not blowing warm air. My wiring is even less complex. Here is a picture of the original wiring. Obviously plugged in the same way on Wyze and it confirmed correct. I even tried the advance setting of hot/cold reverse.

Seems to be a software issue, but I have a case with Wyze open. I too reverted back to the old thermostat.


Your wiring appears to be for a furnace with a/c, not Heat Pump. The Hot/Cold Reverse should not appear in the app unless you chose Heat Pump during setup. You will need to delete and reset the device, then make sure you select “Gas/Furnace” during setup.

will give it a try, thanks

I reinstalled a few minutes ago and no where in the set up process did it let me select “Gas/Furnace” during the set up. I followed each screen it presented. Thoughts?