Stage 1 on Heat Pump Not Working. Old thermostat works


My Heat Pump is not working on Stage 1. It blows room temp air for the test. Stage 2 blows hot. My understanding is Stage 1 is the Heat Pump and Stage 2 is the emergency electric heater. I can confirm the outside unit is not running on either test. Expect it to run on Stage 1. Outside temp today is 55 F.

Carrier HP - CH13NA036-C
Warren Electric Heater - WKF1002B
Carrier Fan Coil FB4CNF042

Old thermostat wiring (left) new Wyze wiring (right).

I feel like the wiring is done properly but something is obviously off. On the old thermostat the label behind the green wire is G, behind orange is W1, behind blue is C. The rest are visible.

I did confirm that when I test the Wyze under Stage 1 and I go outside, I do not hear or see the Heat Pump is on. So I waited until today and it being 55 F so I know the HP will be used (it’s been in the 20’s and 30’s) and I hooked up the old thermostat and set to to 80 F and went outside and I can see the HP is on (fan spinning) and I can hear it.

What am I missing?

FYI I did not mess with any of the Wyze controls. Since I am using the test feature those should not come into play (comfort, energy, etc.)

Any help is greatly appreciated as I’m faced with using the old thermostat or having a professional come and look at it.

Thanks in advance!

I’m curious also, My Wyze Thermostat wiring looks just like yours, when I did the test, Heat Stage 1 blew room temperature air, Heat Stage 2 blew Hot air and Cool State blew even hotter air (like 93 degrees in the duct). seems like a wiring problem but I’m not enough of a technician to figure out wiring changes. I’m going to spend some time figuring it out before calling in my A/C company.

Well I realized after posting, probably because I looked at the pic so close, that the bottom is labeled for a Heat Pump and I had it set up to conventional.

So now I know Orange is O/B and not W1. Make sense as Stage 1 was not blowing.

However the old W2 white wire that was working says it goes to AUX/E but when you get into the Wyze app you can’t choose both and depending on which I choose, it tells you the white wire should go to W1 (if I choose aux) or * (if I choose E). But I know it works when connected to W2.

So what do I choose. Fairly confident the white wire is Stage 2 emergency heat. I know it works with W2 but I would rather get this right according to Wyze in case it does something more sophisticated with cycling.

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Problem solved, Just called Wyze. Prompt answer on the phone and really helpful. For a Heat Pump system where Aux/E is the emergency heat like mine (heater coils at the blower) then you select E and wire to “*”. Then when you set up the app it asks what what * is and you tell it emergency heat.

Do you have a heat pump or standard furnace?

On mine, the Honeywell instructions say “DO NOT CONNECT ANY WIRE TO W FOR HEAT PUMP APPLICATIONS! THIS CAN CAUSE HEAT TO RUN CONTINOUSLY.” (they put it in all caps.) So, I figure that what I have as “W” should actually be O/B and W2 should be Aux. But now I’m thinking that might be reversed. where W (orange wire) should be Aux and W2 (white) should be O/B

Show a picture of your furnace board.

I got it working after I found the wiring instructions for my old Honeywell Thermostat. The wiring inside of the Blower Unit is sort of ugly anyway. My problem, which other’s have also experienced is that the Honeywell wiring block has 2 sets of labels, One for non heat pump units and one for heat pump units and the non-heat pump labels are much more obvious, so we miss the other labels. Also, it “appears” that the installer plugged one of the wires into the “W” place and the instructions pretty much say don’t do that for heat pump units.

Do you have a picture of the wiring after you corrected it?

Thank you in advance.