Thermostat Humidity Setting

Does anyone else notice that the humidity is managed at approx 5% below the hunidity set point? I’d use the humidity correction, but I have two different thermostats in separate locations, and they perform the same way. Maybe it’s a bug?

^^?? Anyone?

I’m having a problem with mine, I set it to 30-50% and it settles between 20-25%. I raised it to 35-55% and I haven’t noticed a change. I don’t have any other sensors to compare the humidity reading to. debating getting a pair of small ones off Amazon just for comparison.

I also might have an issue with the wiring. I have a whole house humidifier that doesn’t have it’s own heater or fan (that was in the setup options) and is connected to the main trunk air flow. I had to connect the wiring to my yellow “heat” wire for it to run. Tried using the star (*) connection and didn’t seem to be working.

EDIT - As I read through more of the forums I see that some of your other posts are what I found to get me somewhat up and running with the humidifier connected to when heat is called for.

Are you running off the star * terminal now?

Yes. I am on the * terminal now. During setup it asks whether humidifier should run on fam or heat. I select heat. Appears to work other than 5% low. Checking other sensors in house, the humidified reading is within 1-2% of the tstat measure. But I have the set point approx 5% higher than what it maintains. @WyzeJimmy

Pretty confusing to say the least. The prompt asks “What features does your humidifier have” and mine does not have it’s own heat or fan so I was not selecting them. I tried resetting it last night to select heat (based off of your comment) and it told me my wiring was not correct (didn’t change anything). Skipped it and just pressed on — humidifier was not running. So I reset it again today (wiring was fine, though I didn’t change anything), selected heat for a feature on the humidifier. It seems to be running now, so we’ll see.

So far I’ve had the most success just putting my humidifier’s wires with the white heat wires, though it still was not getting above 30% and it’s set to 35% min. I understand there is a +/-5% on the stat.

I got my 3rd party temperature/humidity sensors and placed them both by the Wyze thermostat. These are so sensitive that picking them up and moving them changes both temp and humidity level. Wyze thermostat was reading at least 5% lower, but usually in the 7-10% range lower than these sensors. The 2 sensors were generally about 2% difference.

The sensors do have a much bigger vent-like spot on the back for air to flow through. The Wyze thermostat only has a hole in the bottom of the thermostat. Probably causing the big variation in readings.

If I was not working from home currently, I would have given up and sent it back. It’s so dry in our house!