Beta iOS 2.17.21 - Thermostat

In iOS 2.17.11, nothing noted for thermostat, but there was a small change to the setup steps/screens … so I was hopeful, but I don’t see any improvement in thermostat operation – no Stage 2 heat on forced air, humidifier stays on all the time, and no discernable difference in Behavior settings. Am I missing anything?

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You’re not going to see any improvements until they release a firmware update for the thermostat.

I understand and tend to agree with that, but my response from dev team was that setup oriented fixes would come in app version 2.17.xx since they encode how the tstat handles certain features … so, I’m hopeful.

Yay! We got a fix in beta iOS 2.17.21 for the humidifier control. It now asks for type of humidifier, either fan or heat (see pic) … I selected heat, and now the whole home humidifier comes on when below set point and heat is called and goes off if above set point. Nice Wyze! @WyzeChuan … however, there is a humidity differential of +- 5% which is a little strange. So I have 28% humidity in house, humidifier kicks on at 23% and off at 33% … but hey, progress. Thanks Wyze for showing some progress! (Didn’t see W2/Stage 2 heat activate during test, so not sure energizing both W1 and W2 yet)

Appears RC test is the fix, but who knows for sure. Not very descriptive.

not being the most savvvy with HVAC I tried finding what exactly they would do a test of, but came up with nothing.

in a quick search it looks like it’s just a diagnostic test to see how your red cable is run on your particular system. whether it be a dual ( red/cool and red/heat system ) OR if you only have a single red cable in a hybrid system and are using a jumper wire. something about the programming was not being able to decipher what you had so in running a test it can now figure it out and hopefully run correctly. Hope that clarifies A WEE BIT for those that are like me with hvac systems where my shoe size is higher than my IQ on that particular matter.

Agreed, the listed RC test doesn’t sound like it would address anything relating to humidistat feature of the tstat, so your probably right. Thx!

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