Wyze thermostat is ready for beta test! Become a tester and make it too good to be true


Hi Wyze Community,

I’m a Product Manager at Wyze and we’re working to build a simple, reliable, and affordable smart thermostat. We’d love to get our beta samples to be fully tested in your home. The test will start in one week and last for 3 weeks.

To see if you’re a fit, would you mind taking the following survey? It will only take about 3 minutes.


The most important part of the survey is that we will need a picture of your thermostat wiring to validate the compatibility. The Wyze thermostat cannot work with a high voltage (110/220V) system, 2-wire systems (heating only), or proprietary system (e.g., HoneyRedlink, L1/L2 wire).

Our ideal candidates:

  1. Non-smart thermostat users who do not have any experience with connected thermostats.
  2. Complex HVAC systems, home systems with emergency heat, humidifier/dehumidifier, etc.
  3. Long AC runtime. We won’t be able to test properly if the testers do not need heating/cooling in Aug and Sept.




I’d love to test this out!



count me in.

Im in from sunny Socal

@Chuan I just filled out the form! How much will it cost?

I am hoping to get the answer from our testers after the beta test. :smile:

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@Chuan I hope I can test it!

That word is not applicable on this forum Dodge guy

It needs HomeKit. No more…without HomeKit.

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For real. I like my Wyze products. They are inexpensive. But, I’m almost always having an issue with something. Not willing to put up with that, when it comes to my thermostat.
I want to want this. But…history. On top of that…no HomeKit.

:canada::canada::canada: Please!!!

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Possible preview video? 39 bucks.


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No. This is the one they show in their video.


Okay, thanks, never saw a video.

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Cannot enter Canada.
We have perfect weather for test.
A/C summer Heat early Sept Oct

Wyze isWifi

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Yeah that’s Zigbee, sorry for the derailing.

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I hope Wyze has hired someone with Thermostat wiring knowleadge.

Central Air ( 1 or 2 unitsl
Central Furnace (1 or 2 stage, then bigger house has two furnaces mandated bylaw)
variable fan, and humidity control.

@Chuan I completed the form. Hot and humid in Nebraska as we speak. AC is running frequently. Heat pump system. Emergency heat with cold winters. Hope I can be a part of the test! AC usually on into October.

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