Wyze Hardware Beta Testers Career Opportunities

Im not sure if my post has been read in the beta testers section of the forum, but if there is an option for us to test software, what about a career avenue to test the hardware? Not actually Working for the company, but a 1099. A hardware beta tester , could sign up if approved, and would have to sign a no-compete form. The sole purpose is for them to test the beta hardware with the beta software. The pay off? They would get to keep the product tested or something along those lines??
Im not sure if this has came up or not, but it seems like something that would help not only you guys but the masses… …

Allot of companies would use a similar process/method like this 15- 20 years ago (Showing my age here Smirk). This way there are common people using the product and testing is done in various situations , cities & weather conditions with both aspects being tested: Hardware/Software. The more testers, the quicker bugs can be worked out and user error vs. hardware/software errors can be ruled out. Solutions to common problems could be solved more quickly and efficiently…



Yes, I’m willing to test out your Wyze Beta Hardware. Sign me up!

I’d be willing to be a tester. I work in IT so pretty good at self troubleshooting any problems and documenting steps or path to resolve would be no issue either.

Great idea ! The opportunity will come pretty soon. So stay tuned.


I would love to Beta test your products/new software. Where do we sign up? I’m impressed with your company and think you are headed in the right direction! Keep up the good work!

I’d also would be willing to be a beta tester for your company. I love working with electronics and tend to ‘break’ things pretty well trying to figure out how they work and how to make them better.



I’d be happy to. I tell everyone about how good your products are for the price. i also make YouTube videos to hopefully get the word out. I can see this company being around a long time.

Always willing to help with Bate testing opportunities. IT manager (1985 to present).

Sign me up! With 30 yrs computer hardware background from Field Service through Project management and a hobby of Photography, I’d love to test and provide feedback on any products you come up with.


Tell me where to sign!

Sounds good, waiting for the full details. :slight_smile:


Joining the ranks of people who are interested after being redirected by someone from the FB chat. Don’t think my qualifications would be any better than any of the other experienced people on here as I’ve only beta tested software before (for Microsoft at least if that helps). In Canada so I can check any compatibility with servers from out of country, but thus far there have been no issues in that department so I don’t see why that would change.

Bring it on, 30 plus years in the IT field, beta testing, there has been a lot companies that I also tested Hardware/Software with - PCs, Stereos, TONS of Bluetooth equipment plus Networking equipment and many others.

Dragon Design, You would be great for the program! The program would be for everyone, not just us within the IT field (Hopefully)…
Everyday people with little to “0” IT skills/Knowledge would be beneficial to the program(This would help rule out “User Error vs. Hardware/Software Errors”).

This is a great idea. I’ve been in networking, training, and product testing/dev (mostly for wireless) for a long time. I’m in. Where do I sign up??

Sounds like a great idea to me, I’ll be eagerly awaiting more details!

Retired IT Educator with time to play. I’m in.

I am willing to provide feedback. I tried very hard to give feedback to Dagro regarding their cameras and Smartlink but they were not interested in it.

I am a systems administrator with a fondness for security systems and home automation. I also own my own consulting company that does a small amount of business in residential and commercial NVR systems. I also dabble extensively in my own smarthome setup. I think that I would be able to provide good feedback given my experience in these areas. (Specifically with Dahua, Foscam, Hikvision, and Dagro cameras; and Zwave and WeMo smarthome products) On that note, I’m also really excited to see what you come out with in the way of home automation later on and especially how it compares to Zwave, WeMo, and TPLink! =)

More on the camera perspective, Wyze specifically interests me because I think I can resell your products to people in my area that want, but “can’t be bothered” to install their own system, no matter how simple it is. Something like this lets me install quickly and sell cheaply, undercutting other people in my area, just as you are doing in this market with your hardware itself…I mention this because it means that I stand to benefit in more than just free hardware for testing. I have a direct monetary gain in providing good feedback. The better your systems become, the more likely I am to start installing your products for people where I live. This means I can undercut my competition and end up making more money on jobs I wouldn’t otherwise be competing for. I am by no means a big fish that would have any significant sales impact for you guys, but this is big enough to me to be worth my time giving good feedback. The cameras I currently install are already two to five times the cost of your camera.

Regarding other smart home / IoT devices, I love the control and affordability of WeMo, but it’s not reliable enough for me to install and support for people and I’m not sure if it ever will be. Zwave devices are the gold standard there, but most have priced themselves out of the middle class market from what I’ve seen. Again, here, providing good feedback doesn’t just benefit me from seeing a great device come to fruition, it is something I can provide “white glove” value added installation and support for if it works well and is stable.

Anyway, back on the cameras, this is wonderful to see a company besides Dahua & Hikvision innovating in this field at a low cost. It’s great seeing that you want feedback and want to continually improve the product.

Oh! Hey, and This is an example of the type of feedback you might expect from me.

This is awesome! I really feel at home (Tech Heaven)… All levels of Expertise are dropping in! Totally awesome!

So, I am not an IT, systems or Network engineer, do code a bit (self taught), but I have completely made the house a smart house by myself, no assist from professionals. Installed the thermostat, eero mesh system, door locks, garage door opener, switches, plugs, lights, Echos, Dots and Shows, Harmony Hub(s), and so on and so forth without that professional assistance and they all work and do what they should across the network.

What I do represent is an older (yeah OLDER) consumer who does not want to stop learning and will not stop learning and doing, who can test and put it in the consumer’s realm of understanding/communication as well as communicate to the tech side of the world.

All to often it seems that testing and development is from the Tech side, the consumer is not in the loop and as such does not have an advocate or non-tech representation/communicator in the process.

I also have an affinity for curiosity and puzzle solving, the more challenging the better.

I already beta test for a few systems, and apps/programs and would like to be included in this as well. Let me know if I can be of assistance, it would be fun.