Beta testing

I have already ordered the thermostat and doorbell

I was wondering what it would take to get on the beta testing team to try out new products.

hey @darryl.m.bowen

so if you follow this link clicky clicky you will be directed to the page giving directions on how to be come a Beta tester. it tells you how to become a software Beta tester and how to get the Beta app and also how to go to the new website called centercode.

Centercide is where all the hardware testing is done, there you will fill out information about what phone, network, and a bit of other information. this will put you in the pool of Beta hardware testers that Wyze employees draw from when looking to get people to help test new devices.

if the information you provided matches what they are looking for when they are preparing a new device you will get an email from center code stating you have new testing opportunities, you then go to the website where it gives you a bit of info on the testing and requirements ( especially time requirements) and if it’s something that tickles your fancy, you sign the non disclosure agreement ( digitally) and you’ll find out if you were accepted. when/ if you get those email for testing opportunities you have to be Johnny on the spot because they only have so many spots per device they are testing, so you have to get on it before they get all the volunteers they need.

I hope that gives you a bit of insight to the process, if you have any other questions just post them up and one of the mavens or mods would be more than happy to help you out.

Best of luck to you!


Thanks for that info. I have been a software beta tester for several years, but this is the first I had heard that they moved the hardware testing off of @#$%^&* facebook
NOW, I’ll join the hardware testing.


center code is much more precise and directed than facebook was.

it’s not without it’s faults but it is a vast improvement. fair warning though, it does take some getting use to. although not related directly to testing ( just incase someone had a question) the mavens and mods are pretty familiar with center code so if you happen to have a question on it, just get at one of us.

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