Beta Product Testing

Tried to subscribe for the product testing but it doesn’t want to send me the confirmation email. Any idea why. I understand I may not be asked to test but would like to be on the list anyways just in case.

Some people are referring to different things when they say “Beta Testing”.

I see you marked the thread as “Battery Cam Pro” (which implies beta firmware testing), but in your post you said “Product Testing” which usually refers to Centercode for NEW products.
There is also beta testing new app versions.

Which are you trying to do?

Did follow these instructions?

Here is the product Testing link:

Did you check your junk mail (spam folder)?

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It doesn’t send me the confirmation email for product testing. I tried multiple times and no email arrives. Maybe it’s a glitch. All good. Not that concerned. Was just going to throw my name in to the hat in case but if it doesn’t work it’s fine. Thanks

That is strange. Maybe check again after Tuesday when people from Centercode get back in to work.

Will do. Thanks for responding. Have a Happy New Year.