Battery cam v3 or pro? Anyone know anything?

At the beginning of this year I saw articles about Wyze registering a patent or something for a battery cam pro or battery cam v3. It was done around the same time as the floodlight was registered. The floodlight has since come out.
Anyone know anything about a battery cam pro or v3 coming that won’t require a hub?
Anyone know how to get into the early access program for products? I have Google nest battery cams I’d love to replace with Wyze battery cam pro’s if they ever come out as I have lots of other Wyze products.

If you go to their page about becoming a beta tester, Become a Beta Tester – Wyze there is a section about hardware testing. They say that they do their hardware beta testing through Centercode.

Centercode is used by LOTS of major (and minor) companies to do user testing:

A Mod posted a link for how to join Wyze’s Centercode area here: