Wyze Battery Cam Pro Firmware Beta Test 9/5/2023


What’s New:

  • Modified the Detection Zone default setting so none of the screen is selected when it is first turned on
  • Improved the yellow-ish image quality (IQ)
  • Optimized Cam Plus video ending logic so that the camera captures whole motion events
  • Fixed the Cam Plus 06 failure to fetch video from the cloud error
  • Fixed abnormal recording failure due to incorrect Cam Plus status
  • Bug fixes

whoo hoo!


Smooth and fast update. But something odd happened… trying to figure it out with some troubleshooting…

Update: A powercycle (removed battery & unplugged) corrected odd live stream.


Updated my 3 BCPs without issues. Will monitor


I didn’t see that one either but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it


Weird. It’s the 9th and this update still wasn’t showing on my android app. It still showed 1.3.17.xxxx as the most recent firmware for both of my cameras.

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Same here, although I haven’t seen anything publicly posted, typically when it doesn’t roll out after being announced they found a bug and had to pause the roll out, I’ll keep my eyes out for any notifications of a delay

Hi @blazer0981,

Could you please check if you have enrolled in testing Battery Cam Pro beta firmware in the Wyze app? You can check in Account > About > Beta Program > Edit.

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I also had to add the Battery Cam Pro to the beta list for this update. I believe this is the first official Beta Firmware update, so anyone who hasn’t manually told it to add it to the Beta Program won’t have it because it was turned off by default. I’m guessing this is the problem for anyone who hasn’t gotten it yet. It doesn’t automatically enroll anyone even if you have the Beta app. We apparently have to remember manually enroll each device model, including each time a new one comes out like this. :+1: Which is probably the best way to do it, so only people who want it will get it, and not have unintentional enrollments by doing it by default.


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