Betatesting outside US

As its so hard to get the newest Wyze cameras outside of america i wish that you’d start having a betatesting program for new products thats about to be launched or is already launched. You could have a forum for ordinary betatesters to update the tasks that you’ll require if you start to have betatesting. I know you already have some youtubers that are doing reviews about your products, i thought that maybe a betatesting program would be cool to have for all users and the company, not only youtubers or people with an audience.

As i am already a betatester since some years back when it comes to tech, i’d love to be able to so some betatesting for your products, not only the cameras but all Wyze products. Im based in Sweden and the products only sells in america but it seems to work fine outside us, so why not let a selected people be betatesters for you?

I would love to be a betatester for Wyze even if the Product needs to be sent back.

There is a hardware Beta test program, but slots are extremely limited. There is a forum for the tests, but it is on another system due to the non-disclosure agreement you must sign. Unfortunately, all tests are limited to US addresses, as that is the normal Wyze market. But thanks for the interest! :slight_smile:

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