New Wyze Testing Opportunities (Watercooler)

Just a slight rant here. I have been a Wyze customer for many years now. Literally, everything that I have for cameras, vacuum, lights, etc are from Wyze. I have signed up for every early testing opportunity, and fill out the applications literally within minutes of receiving the emails, yet I have never been selected.

I have my profiles filled out. And having a long career in the IT/Engineering/Architect industry I have the ability to test on any platform that they would need, have the skillset to wire/mount anything that would be provided, and I work from home so I could give almost instantaneous feedback.

I know that the opportunities are very limited in the selections, but I am curious about the selection process… And also curious if anyone else has been selected.

You are a Wyze tester already. You just don’t know it.


Old post, but good info:


This is very true… Been battling with the Wyze app going back to the home screen when trying to rotate my phone to landscape for well over 6 months now. Still no official fix, but I came across a way to fix it in developer options…

Share the workaround. This is the good thing about this forum.

I bet it is the change some folks make to the DP under “Smallest Width” in Developer Options:

Under the Drawing category (near the bottom)
Smallest Width

First brought up in this thread:

Would be cool if it’s an all in one solar system with a battery option that captures enough sun to run your wired cameras ANYWHERE, or even beam energy to a laser shark security moat system. :wink:

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Oh yes, solar power shark, you had me at hello!!!

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