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Anyone else frustrated with wyze testing laboratory? I was invited to join and entered tons of personal info about my house, my phone, my network,my lawn, the layout of my house, our pets and so on. I applied to approximately ten tests. Not only did I waste hours of time supplying info to wyze when I tryed to let them know it is rude to INVITE people to join join a community and spend that time giving them that kind of information without any compensation. My attempts at communicating this issue fell to deaf ears.


I’m not frustrated with it. I’ve filled out the same information, and I haven’t been chosen for testing yet, likely because I didn’t quite fit the criteria they were looking for for the various projects. There are probably hundreds of people wanting to test, and there are only a limited number of spots.


Welcome @nickchadwick88!
@towelkingdom is correct about the criteria and amount of spots for testing. You can also take a look at software/firmware testing. You’ll most likely be able to start this instantly as long as the (much larger) limit hasn’t been reached. More information at Become a Beta Tester – Wyze
Keep applying and I’m sure both of you will be accepted for hardware testing at some point!


But still my frustration comes from Wyze asking me to come join this community Knowing full well that it’s already overwhelmed with applicants. It’s just a waste of human life to have far more applicants than necessary apply to Beta test your product knowing full well you are just wasting their time Especially with the amount of information that wyze is asking for. waste a whole bunch of my time I’ve applied for at least 10 projects. If there’s less than a 10% chance I would say applicant pool is a little too high. Maybe you should try targeting your applicant pool little bit more. Especially if you need that big of a pool.


It costs them nothing for you to fill out an extensive profile.


Are we still talking about the toy car promo? :wink:


No I am not talking about the toy

Good for you. I am glad you don’t care about your very limited time on this planet. I however, Care about my time. The percentage of applicants is ten times the need. Why is this company wasting that much time to get a free service from you there then gonna take and sell back to the public and profit from that solutely nothing not even a discount for your information that you took your time to provide under the false pretense( Sending out a call to action email claiming that they need more people that they were going to haveyou test their productsAll while Joe schmo who didn’t take the survey living next door to you get the same product at the same price and had to provide nothing for it. Even though its effectiveness as a product was built off of information that you provided With the promise that you are going to get the opportunity to Beta test products that you did not get. Well wyze is lining their pockets with the free crap that you gave them with the promises they were going to let you Beta test their products but instead there just looking for a giant information pool for not Beta testers.

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First, holy run on sentences, batman!

Second, Wyze never claimed that everyone would be chosen. It was pretty clear that filling out the questionnaire would help them determine who would be a good fit for testing future products. I was under no impression that hardware testing was guaranteed.

Third, I don’t feel it’s a waste of my ‘very limited time on this planet’ anymore than you feel it’s a waste of time to complain about not being chosen for something that was never guaranteed in the first place.


Not sure what they would be lining their pockets with. You fill in the information you want to in the application/questionnaire. Did not take hours to fill in the information, and I for one, had no issue with doing it. As @towelkingdom stated, there was no guarantee you would be selected. You are in the pool of resources and based on the product and your profile, you may be in line to get something to test. I have yet gotten selected either, but that does not bother me. I did join the Beta Test group for the App and FW, you may want to consider that. At least you will be able to see what is coming and get a pre-release of the FW and App.


I never claimed that the guaranteed Me a spot. But they Have sent me two call the action emails stating that they “need people”. Go ahead and attack my sentence structure but you can’t make any real point other than you don’t care about YOUR time being wasted. But the matter is there are thousands of people in their applicant pool already. They don’t need any more. They are trying to gather information and they are not trying to get together a Beta testing population. And yes in between registering for wyse testing laboratories filling out all of their difference platform information questionnaires and checking almost every single day for new opportunities in responding to them as soon as I possibly can(BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY RECOMMEND.I have spent hours. And It’s pretty obvious that don’t care about your time being wasted but I do. This was a complete waste of time. Because once again there not just choosing people randomly out of that pool either their choosing the same people that they used from the last Beta test as well. So good luck on that extensive waste of time of a wait list. That’s actually Just an information collecting tactic. Not a real Beta test.

You can’t figure out what they would be lining their pockets with. Well they aren’t designing products for fun. This I stated before I am very aware that they didn’t guarantee anything but having less than a 10% chance. While also having a rolling selection of applicants(They reuse the same testers if they worked out.) They have no business doing a call to action for new applications. I don’t know what you meant by FW. But if you meant that you get to see their future projects they don’t tell you what their projects are they code name them. Also if you follow their guidelines as to what will get you selected faster it does take hours.

Complaining about a company on their forum is high get any bit of change. Heck they might not even be aware that there sending out a call to action when they already have too many people. So just Because you can’t see the purpose behind it doesn’t mean that it’s a waste of time to complain. Once again I am glad your complacent wasting your time. In arguing on the behalf of a large company that couldn’t defend Themselves easily in fact they paidFor the response in post number 2. But arguing with some random stranger Over something that upset them that a company is doing and then jumping in to defend them. You are not providing any new information other than You delivered in your original post. Which is I don’t care that my time is being wasted so you shouldn’t either. Good luck with that.

FW = Firmware. You can join the Beta Tester Group for the Application and Firmware to see what is coming and be part of reviewing it before it goes live. As for the lining their pockets, I read it as if you were relating it to the Hardware testing group (Lab Testing). They normally send the products out for free and therefore don’t get any income from that. When testing has completed, then yes, they get income from the sale of the product. I am an early adopter as well. If it is such a great issue, why not simply OPT-OUT of the Testing Lab?

BTW: I know they use Code Names, but most of the time you can definitely figure out what it is. I for one have no issue with this process. I followed the instructions and filled in the information which did not take hours on my part.


The original lining the pockets statement that I made was in regards to them making money off of the final product that they used your information to refine while giving you absolutely no reward for it.

For one I did Opt out. But two months later… boom another call to action email stating that they need more people.

But my whole issue is that Their applicant pool is far too large to be doing call to action emails and they Are very likely unaware that they are still sending out called action emails even though they likely have an applicant pool of 1000 to 10000 people. Very likely are only setting out Beta hardware to I would say no more than a 100 of them. Meanwhile all of these people are filling out this questionnaire And information about their home with the expectation that they at least have a chance when they have a very low chance my estimations are less than 10% closer to 1%. I know that they came from Facebook Beta testingBut my whole issue is that I know that they came from Facebook Beta testing. Which has a very low response rate from people who want to Beta test. Now there using center code Which has a very high response Rate And also carries a large applicant pool of other centre code users with it.

My whole point is that they already have far too many people yet they are still asking for more. Types of questions that they are asking and how long it takes to answer those questions is far too much time to be wasting like that.

They are likely not aware of it. In which case how they figure it out without someone lecturing them on their forum.
But if they are aware of that. And they just don’t care they also need someone to lecture them on their forum.

Even if the average person only spent 10 minute.( if you follow their Guidelines to being selected it takes much more than 10 minutes.) And thier Applicant pool is In between a 1000 and 10000 people. That is in between a 160 hours and 1600 hours of wasted time that is the equivalent of 4 to 40 people working Full time at 40 hours in a week. It’s just a complete unnecessary waste of time to ask more people to join that absurdness.

You keep saying my time was wasted, and it wasn’t. To use your words ‘just because you don’t see the purpose of it doesn’t make it a waste of time’. You seem ridiculously mad over something that is really not that big of a deal and wasn’t guaranteed.


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It honestly is not a debate to me. Either you want to participate and do testing when asked, which you then get to keep the product free of charge, or you don’t.

The Pool may be large, but that is expected with such a large tech savvy customer base. I for one would rather provide assistance where ever I can. I do this by Being a Beta Tester, enrolling in the Hardware testing, and providing support in these forums and topics.

If I get selected to participate, great. If not, no big issue to me. Like I said earlier, if it is a big issue to you, maybe opt out of that area of the testing.


hard to argue with getting a bit of insight into the development of these wonderful goodies and free stuff :slight_smile:


Wait, you want compensation because you were not selected?

Not the kind of tester they look for I think.