Beginning to think wyze don't like me

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Same, got to help test the WCO and had a great experience. That was the first and last time got to do any product testing :frowning:

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Don’t feel bad. There’s a very limited amount of product available to test and a large number of tester applicants. Slots are awarded partially based on “spreading the wealth”. Don’t give up.


Of course publishing info about the projects probably won’t make them like you better, lol.

Make sure all your personal circumstances up to date in your profile and test platforms, or they may never get a match that you meet their criteria.


I don’t get chosen either. I rarely win contests either. Last time I won something, it was a 2-week health club membership that folded during my membership.


I have not either…

I second that

Would you rather hear nothing back and be waiting in suspens indefinitely?

As a seasoned beta tester, I can tell you that Wyze is the only company I have applied to do a hardware test for that has even responded to me letting me know that I wasn’t selected for the test.

No other company would even contact me unless I was selected for a test.

With that being said, the more details you add to your Centercode profile, the more information Wyze will have to work with when determining if you fit their target test group or not.


That’s how I feel when I post support questions on this forum.

In case you are not aware, these forums are for the community Wyze staff may peruse them but interaction is limited but has gotten better. It is always best to reach out to Wyze via Phone for a quicker response or answer to questions. You will at least get a ticket number to reference.

here is the info.

By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Or online: 1

phone support is typically faster however this isn’t always true due to fluctuation in the amount of calls.

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Thanks for the tip. I did spend a good bit of time with them on chat (over an hour) and the suggestion was to get support on the forum.

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4 years of waiting and not one hardware to test. I have full info in my profile and filled out everything I could. How could you not want to give up?

Ha snot been 4 years for me, but I have not been selected either. Filled out all of the info, involved in the Beta testing process and assist in the forum. So far nothing. :slight_smile:

But I move forward in hopes one day I will be selected. :crossed_fingers:

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