I've Come to Terms With The Beta Shunning

I’ve lost count as to how many Beta testing opportunities I’ve been told that I’ve received the generic auto-generated “Nope” email 12 weeks after I forgot I had offered to participate some 34 weeks earlier. While I was successful at resisting the impulse to pad my profile with what I might surmise is an ideal beta testing participant, I still think I would have been a good candidate for at least one testing opportunities, of the 3 dozen over the last couple years. Looking at the remarkably consistent and steady Wyze new product launch tempo, and using as little critical thinking to make an educated assessment as to which beta testing requirements were most likely associated with which new product, it became clear that this was almost certainly not an issue of my profile not including some ideal combination of profile selections, and other than the conclusion I arrived at as the most likely, no other possibilities.

The Wyze team wasn’t disqualifying me on account of something I didn’t have listed, rather I wasn’t being chosen on account of something specific I did have listed. However, when I tried to test this assumption, I was still being flummoxed by what I had included in my profile or infrastructure descriptions that was being perceived by a company I do so love and spread the good word about frequently, and have made sure the Wyze folks in this forum are aware of… And POOF, the epiphany slaps me in the face because the very answer I was looking for was all packaged up nice for me to unwrap and discover what was going on.

In the intelligence community, the logical fallacies which were preventing me from finding the underlying information I was looking for are called “Mirror Imaging” and “Stove Piping”. With mirror imaging, when an analyst (me) observes or seeks to predict the behaviors and motives behind those behaviors (persistent exclusion in Beta testing) of an external entity (Wyze PMs) , but attempts to explain what those behaviors mean or predict when they will be triggered based on values and/or cultural mindsets they the analyst holds, and not accommodating the possibility of other variables. Basically, I was looking at it as though I were picking Beta Testers, based on where I would look and what I would look for, which is not useful. This lead me to stove pipe my potential sources of variables that could be triggering my omission to just the Beta program website and what’s included there, because that’s where I would vet testers if I were running the show, but I’m not.

Suffice to say, I now am quite confident as to the cause of these omission, and I think it’s safe to say that this post had done me no favors in this effort. The fact that the epiphany was triggered only when I circled back to verbal and online behavioral pattern that I’m fine cognizant is appreciated by no one, that being suffocating praise for anything and everything I love, is telling, at least for me and probably a few Wyze employees. I was looking in the wrong place, and not considered that the answer had nothing to do with the Beta portal profile, and everything to do with, well, me.

When I first signed up for a forums account here, no one was more excited about this company called Wyze than I was. You see, I become frustrated of watching the apathetic, “legacy” industries, most of which are dominated by 1-3 entrenched companies who ignore innovation in favor of building barriers to entry, all of which are essentially clones if each other below the surface, all operate the same way, using the same philosophies, regurgitating the same rehashed ‘new features’, and while they can all defend accusations of obfuscated price fixing, all enjoy the same bloated margins which monetized all their R&D investment costs over a decade ago. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING makes me more gleeful then to recognize when a new company is making a go at not just pushing through those barriers to entry, but simply ignoring them because they are based on the legacy industry’s antiquated and outdated practices, and their hubris blinds them to my favorite type of company, the Legacy Industry Disruptors!!

Wyze was essentially a sector disruptor, the consumer deployable in-home wireless remote view security camera sector of the consumer grade Smart Home industry. Who were they disrupting? Let’s see, Nest, Arlo, and a few dozen others all working from the same playbook. Have incredibly inexpensive hardware built overseas, add proprietary software loaded to provide the list of ‘premium’ features, charge 4-7 X COGS for the units (relying on the proven premise that the market will always perceive a higher cost with a higher quality, so long as the marketing strategy is sound), but then, open that spigot of automated monthly account access subscriptions, and charge them $19.99/ per month to be able to access these cameras, which obviously don’t work otherwise.

How did they disrupt? Offer a products that are equipped with 1. The exact same type and performance of ‘premium’ functions as Nest & Arlo, 2. Which offer a superior performance of those ‘premium’ functions, or 3. Offer additional functions that the other brands don’t have, thus, truly ‘premium’ features. Borrow just the first page of their playbook, hardware is manufactured overseas, and if there is an existing unit to avoid the design expenses, that’s even better. Then hire the best programmers available who will be able to leverage every bit of awesomeness from that hardware. Now for the disruption time, instead of fleecing the market with the other companies, let’s see what happens when someone undercuts them by… Let’s try… 400% so instead of $125/ camera, let’s do $24.99! And to really get them squirming, make the software pretty much open source and provide server access with a basic level of video recording server storage for each camera for free, forever, and GO!

Wyze ranks up there with Tesla Motors, Netflix, Cirrus Aircraft, and those whose names aren’t known yet, but wait till they show you what they are offering! So, I can get carried away with this praise, EXACTLY LIKE I JUST DID. But a deliberate shirking of brevity is hardly enough to black list someone, I know. It was the level of comfort I developed here in the Wyze Forums, it caused me to let down my guard a little too much (yes, this isn’t as bad as it can get), and I started to become too casual with my contributions and even my screen name.

Let’s just say, that the sweetest person on Earth, dear @WyzeGwendolyn was forced to have a one-on-one, day of reckoning, and had to have a boundary setting PM with me, that was probably not what she wanted to do or a good use of her time. And THAT ladies and gentlemen, is the reason. I’m still in the penalty box because of my over exuberance for brand, and my inability to ratchet it down a few notches. Please note, now that I’m confident that this is the issue, I don’t in any way think that this is unreasonable. Beta testing is not something that can often afford to be handled carelessly. I know because my company designed and built an a few hundred ADS-B receiver modules for DoD, and I wouldn’t have let me near them if all I knew was this ridiculously verbose personality I’ve created here.

I was thrilled to see that Wyze did begin offering an opt-in for those testers who weren’t chosen to be told precisely why they weren’t. I chose to opt in, but we’ll see if the justifications are true to the Wyze corporate culture, and give it to me straight. Don’t hold back, Yo’s, we can’t address an issue if we don’t openly acknowledge an issue and those with the issues take ownership of their shortcomings. I already dun did that, so you don’t need to sugar coat it.

Alright, I certainly feel better. This was like therapy!!! Who do I make out the check to for the $440/ hour emotional therapy rate?

Good talk

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I don’t think there’s any “server access/storage for each camera for free”, (please correct me if I’m in error with that statement)

I enjoyed your therapy session, and feel the same pain.

I think I have been ‘blacklisted’ by Wyze as well, not for Beta Testing (which I would participate in, if asked, I have 8 WOCs/2 WOC Bases, 6 v3’s, 2 Pan Cam V2s, and a Wyze Truck on the way, which means a V2 when I find one to purchase), but just in general here on the forums. I’m sure I have made it into the block list of many Wyze employees.

I love what the WOC’s do for me as ‘Trail Cams’ to catch all the wildlife around my home.

I love that V3’s catch footage of the hummingbirds in the back yard.

I love the ‘block’ shape of the WOC’s and V3’s, as they don’t ‘stand out’ and 'look like a security cam.

I love the two Pan Cam V2’s that watch my blind cat navigate the house (though they could be quieter than they are, as my blind cat spends too much time trying to figure out what that noise is coming from an unfamiliar item on the floor in the house)

I Love the fact that my 6 V3’s now have RTSP access and I can monitor them and my non Wyze Cam’s in one app (Blue Iris)

I Don’t Love the fact that the camera’s are WHITE… (let us purchase these skins separately for existing WOCs):


https://www.homedepot.com/p/WYZE-Wireless-Outdoor-Surveillance-Security-Camera-with-Green-Camo-Dbrand-Skin-Includes-Base-Station-WVOD1B1CAMO/316874223 )

I DON’T love the fact that I still cannot use my iPad Pro 12.9" with a Logi Slim Folio Pro in LANDSCAPE MODE

I hope the Pan Cam V2 will get RTSP firmware treatment like the V2 and V3 Cam’s did (Thank you Wyze)

I was disappointed in the fact that the new Wyze Video Doorbell Pro did not have RTSP or MicroSD card storage, and thus will stick with my Wyze Video Doorbell (V1 ?)

I am disappointed in the fact that I can’t get video from my Doorbell to display on my Amazon Alexia Show V3 when someone pushes the Doorbell. Or just stay there monitoring the doorbell when it’s not doing anything else… I"ll even deal with the other thing i Hate, that being that the doorbell displays sideways on the Echo Show…

So, that all said… and I feel better now… who do I write my therapy check to?..


I LOVE that instead of ridiculing my post, you rocked it like an 80’s heavy metal band in Detroit!! Maybe others will tell everyone what they love!

Thanks man, you think I’m kidding, but I actually do appreciate it! Someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and has no time for the likes of concise brevity!


I’ve only known you a minute and I can tell you have a character flaw. Improve and get back to me, will ya? :wink:

Tales from a shrinking suburbia

:boy:  Dad, I was thinking about opening a lemonade stand, waddaya think?

:man_red_haired:  No point son, Amazon’s got it covered.

:boy:  :slump:

image   Looks like you’re developing a hemorrhoid. Can we get you some salve?"

image   Oh, I guess so. Blondie’s been after me about that. Same-day shipping?

image   Steals your wife.

I can understand that. He IS an Übermensch, after all. I’d go too if asked.

(He’ll use her only to polish his bald head.)

Well, it’s an honor if you think about it. Free returns?

Well, I can actually confirm WHY it is you haven’t been selected. :slight_smile:

The real answer is that we have 18.2k people wanting to work with us. Each test gets about 7k applications on average. I suspect that the standard company doesn’t have 7k prototypes to ship out for beta (though I WOULD be excited if that were possible for us). Then you need to factor in that we need balance in the testers we select. As an example, California has a LOT of people in Centercode that apply for tests. But we can’t fill up our tests exclusively with people from California… And we need a spread of ages… And we need to get a spread of genders… And…

So we’ve been filtering out people that have already worked with us. But there’s still a LOT of folks that are interested in joining! When we tried to send out callouts to only a portion of folks, we got people angry that they weren’t notified and they caught it by accident. We had people feeling like they had to check Centercode every day just in case we added a new opportunity (which is SUPER not fair). And we had trouble with getting the right balance of testers (“Why didn’t we have more than 2 women apply? … Oh.”).

We have ratios and qualifications set for every test. A recent callout asks about an existing product in someone’s home. We’ll be selecting a ratio of testers for each of the responses to make sure the product has compatibility AND that we’re not letting issues slip between the cracks on that front.

And all of this comes together for…

Smaller odds of being selected for a limited number of products.

I know it’s frustrating. We hear you. It is a weird blessing and curse to have so very many people excited about beta testing with us (kinda like when we run out of stock for a product people are stoked about).

But we are excited to work with you in the future and the enthusiasm from our end is real. We wish we could add everyone into the projects they want without having to worry about product supply, bandwidth for managing testers (it takes resources on our end when we add more folks into a test because we want to reply to people’s feedback), cost of shipping, etc.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to address this. I hope this helped shine some light on things from our end. :heart:


(Psst. Can you ‘juice’ me in? I don’t want the opportunity but I thought I’d ask. :wink: )


So, TL:DR? :wink:

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You’re not actually excluded unless you’ve done something specifically to warrant it (e.g. breaking NDA, being abusive to people in a test or the staff, etc.). The real reason why folks aren’t selected is due to a large pool and a small supply of devices while trying to balance the requirements of the test.

@peepeep, nope! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This would make for a very dull melodramatic mini-series. :sleeping: :wink:



I rather like @ExpletivesCensored 's long form. As @bryonhu sez, you be you and I’ll be me.

Having said that, I’d be interested to see his creative use of this feature, dubbed ‘disclosure tag’ by @carverofchoice :

Haha, I wish I could take the credit for the dubbing. I’m not that cool,

I'm just a nerd and call it what it is named.

It was just a coincidence that I used a disclosure tag while giving a personal disclosure of something. It’s been called:

  • Disclosure widget
  • Disclosure element
  • Disclosure tag
  • Expander

What it’s called seems to vary a little by the programming context, but “disclosure” is part of the name of what that element really is. :slight_smile: Basically just used to declutter the dialogue…

It’s useful to not ostracize any of the personality types. Too many details will bore and turn off certain personalities, but others are detail-oriented and want the details. The disclosure tag allows catering to both groups. TLDR; people and detail-oriented people who want a better explanation.

I really support people learning to use it though

It helps TLDR; people from being frustrated at having to sort through so much stuff they don’t care about, while still having more details available for the detail-oriented people who are frustrated there aren’t more details for them to read. This tag helps cater to both personalities without ostracizing either of them. Inclusion is good.

I recommend surrounding disclosure tags with lines above and below it (use a triple hypen “—” on it’s own line with a blank line above it), so when expanded it’s still obvious where the disclosure section starts and stops. This formatting helps to make the forum much more organized and readable.

If anyone hasn’t completed the basic or advanced Forum training with discobot, I would highly recommend it as it will teach fun tricks like these so everyone enjoys the forum and content more.


C’mon, you’re much more than a nerd and you know it… :hugs:

Click to expand

You’re a human and fully alive. Nerd as a pejorative suggests a flat affect to me. And that’s not you.

Someone once asked me for ‘a good minute.’ I made one and he liked it. Others who saw it subsequently often said, ‘Great so far, is that it??’

So… :slight_smile:

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I hate people with large pools :joy:

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@Ken.S, I guess that explains all those rejection emails, doesn’t it.


yep…but I’ll keep trying :slight_smile:


There are occasionally projects where we’re specifically asked to call back effective, awesome testers or we need to work specifically with folks that were part of a previous test. They’re pretty rare but I do fully encourage you to continue applying if you don’t mind the risk of stubbed feelings.

So far, we’ve worked with around 1,000 different testers during our life as a company! I’m so excited to watch that number grow over time. :blush:


So will I. Have not been selected for one yet. But hopefully it will happen soon enough. :slight_smile:


Shun me, reject me, it only makes me stronger…

but please, don’t silence me, that’s my kryptonite… :persevere:


I know. I was only kidding around with Ken. We have a running joke between us. :wink:





Don’t worry, peep! You know the boundaries. I won’t mute you if you don’t break 'em. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like your aspirational profile blurb!