I've Come to Terms With The Beta Shunning

Have applied to oh so many… And I’m cool with not being selected… Until I find out about Wyze AR glasses :nerd_face:

Need to figure out how to game the system if that one ever comes :rofl::joy::rofl:.

Edit: just thought of this… Looking at the world through Wyze eyes, lol.


Don’t fence me in?   :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Does anyone know one of the elect? I could interview 'em. Not well, but still… :slight_smile:

  1. What makes you so special?
  2. Do you all have outsized heads?
  3. Does anyone talk to you if they don’t have to?

Now that you mention @peepeep, I don’t… Maybe we don’t want to get selected???

Oh wait, probably the NDA in play😉


(It’s embarassing, I may be the only person never to have seen this film. What do I say?)

I love Amy Adams!


Ok, watched it. Maybe not, @R.Good … unless it’s one’s destiny!

Ok, this is so on-topic it hurts. I have one recent example of what I think would definitively qualify a person for this ‘honor.’

He’ll probably hate me for this because he’s so darn modest, but I’ll risk it.

Yeah, you’re right it’s @spamoni4.

Look at the aplomb with which he smacks this arcane screwball out of the park. Awesome.

If you were asked to nominate someone other than yourself, who would it be and why? :trophy:


I really appreciate that, but I don’t feel as if I do anymore than anyone else. I learn from a number of individuals in the forums and find that most of you are extremely intelligent, high class individuals. Working together as a community to help each other make this all worth it to me.

Thanks man, I appreciate,


If they told us, they’d have to kill us? :fearful:


Here’s what I’m thinking this morning. (I know, ‘Who asked ya??’)

Golden Rule. Platinum Rule.

Which rule rules?

I have treated @ExpletivesCensored as I would prefer to be treated (with respect to my activity on the thread.)

Have I treated him the way he would prefer to be treated?

Possibly. Not yet determined.

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Hunger Games, random draw to play in a blood sport survival game.


Is this why I received an email about the next project 2 days ago and when I log in I get: “We’ll need to evaluate your account but you’ll be notified when you’re able to return and resume the registration process”??? :pensive:

No, that’s because you broke NDA by selling a beta unit.


So how long am I going to be punished?

You broke NDA. With everyone else here that is interested in testing with us, why would we work with someone that already broke our trust?


That’s true and I am sorry. Can’t change the past, but I can improve the future.

I hope that you have fun with the next company you test for then. :slightly_smiling_face:


Mini-series revived. :movie_camera: :popcorn:

@peepeep Not funny dude :roll_eyes:

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Hey HD

Wasn’t meant to be.

I saw a pro performing with skill and grace. Impressive.