Can I set Cam Plus to record all events/motion but not send notifications?

I’d like to have Cam Plus record all events it sees, but I don’t want any notifications from them. However I would like to see the events as they’re recorded using the event/filter selection (like every other event). I just don’t want all the events sent to my phone as a notification for routine stuff like cars driving by etc (but I do want that event recorded to look at later if need be).

Yes you can , simply go to the individual camera settings and turn off notification button, events will still be recorded and you can view them in the event list

thanks for the reply, I decided to try it on my cameras and it works as you said. I just want the monitoring not the constant notifications, in fact none at all, unless something has happened and I can look at the events.

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I totally understand , I have several cameras I monitor but I do not want notifications, so I have them set accordingly

Wyze Android app 2.25.31, Cam Plus trial on an up-to-date v2 camera.

Regarding Notifications

I want to turn off All Other Motion Events, but that selection (as well as Wyze AI Events) is greyed-out, unselectable.

I did look it up on the Forum but it’s still unclear to me why the option is unselectable in the app.

What am I missing?

Brother @spamoni4 to the rescue!! Worked like a charm. :clap: :raised_hands: