I've Come to Terms With The Beta Shunning

I have lost hope in the beta testing opportunities to be honest. I signed up when it first opened for new ppl 2 years ago or so. I’ve applied to countless tests. Never got anything from them. Honestly, it’s disheartening and seemingly a waste of time. I think their pool may be too big or something. You can’t say I’ve never been qualified for one single test. Just my opinion and Wyze is a great company still…. But the beta is a bust.


Certainly longer than Home Depot who also sold unannounced Wyze products.

Dude, I just saw this tonight. I’m so incredibly confused. Did I get snippy and just don’t remember?

I just saw your nip at me about a character flaw, but that didn’t bother me, you’re right, I actually have a bunch. I can promise you that I’ve read nothing into your posts but a little quip here and there, and that’s fun, not something to get mad at someone for.

I have no issues with how you have responded to my ramblings. I know that I deserve some needling if for no other reason than for the sheer length of some of my posts. I have orange hair, we sorta have to embrace sarcastic heat rounds from our first day in pre school!

I wish I had paid more attention in November!!

Alright, I’m done, I need to watch that latest episode of The Expanse again. This final season was really done well!

Opening a space for some interesting things to happen. To the extent you were doing that I was lending my support.

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