Application Closed: New Wyze Product Alpha Testing Opportunity!

The application is now closed. Thank you for your interest! :slight_smile:

Great news, everyone! Our second product is coming out soon and we want YOUR help with alpha testing and reviewing! Please note that alpha testing is going to be rockier than beta testing is and you will be more likely to run into bugs. If this is something that is a problem for you, you may not want to commit to alpha testing. :slight_smile:

Responsibilities –

  1. You commit at least 15 hours to using the product and providing feedback during the critical time for the dev team (between 3/12 and 3/25). We would like for you to keep helping us until mid-April if you can, though. :)
  2. You agree to publish an unbiased review of the product in the forum in a dedicated thread when we say we’re ready.
  3. You WILL NOT publicly disclose ANY information relating to this product until we say it is time.
  4. You have a Facebook account (we’ll be using another secret Facebook group to manage communication).
  5. You live in the continental US or can reliably get to a mailbox in the US to retrieve your package with enough time to do 15 hours of alpha testing during the critical dev period. Unfortunately, until we have international shipping we still won’t be able to get products elsewhere. If you can get to a mailbox, make sure to mark that you “live” in the continental US for the survey as we just need a way to get the product to you.
Benefits –
  1. You get to be one of the first to check out our new product!
  2. You get to have close contact with the Wyze team to help guide our development!
  3. You get to keep the new product!
How to Apply: Just fill out your information in this survey.

Application Deadline: 3/7/2018 at 10:00 AM PST.

Once again we will be randomly selecting from the applications. We will send out an email to everyone that is selected as well as a Facebook group invitation. When these have gone out, we will make a new post informing everyone that the selection process has been completed and to check their provided email addresses. If you are not selected at this time, rest assured that there will be more opportunities in the future. People that are in the hardware beta testing group are still welcome to apply!



Go public,* I wanna buy yer stock… Cheers, Wyzened

*(after you make money…)

Glad it only lets you chose one platform!

Thanks! We didn’t want to end up with extremely lucky people getting multiple products. :slight_smile:

First of all, I love that picture. Secondly, thanks for your support! :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing what great product you have in the works!

Hey… is there a final result?


Do you have a short list of lucky people yet?



They will send it via email… I have not noticed a time frame of when it might be sent. Either way! COOL COOL COOL!!

Pick me, Pick me :wink:


Am really curious about what can be the new product …

I’m available.

Thank you



Good luck to all!!

Signed up and very interested!!

I did some marketing research for a family friend’s company back in the 90’s. Even did some testing for them on video games before release and other products. Would love to give it a shot again.


Pick me pick me. And where is this Facebook group located?

Hope you get selected! If you do, you’ll get to find out where the Facebook group can be found. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay in response! The entries haven’t been closed yet so there isn’t a list. I’ll post here when that changes! Sorry for the anxiety. :slight_smile:

I’d be grateful to participate in the Beta! Love your products, and am really looking forward to the mystery device.

Looks like a cool product. Just pre-ordered v2 so would love to test it out. Send it over;-)

To add to the survery,
I was a beta tester on:

  • Google Glass (Project Wingman) Google Project Tango (maintain/own the public knowledge wiki) Google Project Redwood Thync (brain transducer) Tesla Autopilot v01 Littlebits (educator) 3dRobotics (educator) I found some critical bugs in all of the above. One was a mission critical (fatal) bug.

Just applied! I have not yet used Wyze Cam but been very interested in adding a home internet based camera as a security measure at home.

I have regularly done product testing for popular apps in the social and gaming space. I worked in the tech space for many years and hope I get to help provide valuable info to your team.

I just applied. I’m a classically educated, critical thinker. I love to find things wrong with everything around me… grammar, usability, opinions, methodologies, products, technologies, ad nauseam… guess that’s why I’m no longer married or have any friends, right?

My father always said about a marriage… “You can be right, or you can be married”. I always will choose “right” every time :wink:

I’ve always been an early adopter of toys/gadgets. I can tell you what’s good and what sucked about every electronic thing I’ve bought in my life, and most would find me spot on about it because I’m objective, critical, and practical. Also, I’ve got 30 years of software development experience so I’ve created/discovered/destroyed tens of thousands of “bugs” in my career. (Don’t get me started on the majority of crappy web/interface coding out there now).

If you want someone to tell you what is great about your product, what is a total turn-off, what works, AND what is a show-stopper that must be immediately fixed… that is me.

Two other things that are paramount to me: 1) The Devil is in the details, and 2) Presentation/appearance is EVERYTHING, but simplicity is a close second.

I like to improve everything around me. That is the reason for my interest. I’m not doing this for a free $20 camera - could care less because your price point is so awesome and affordable (though if your new camera is $200 or more, please let me test it!!! lol). I already own several Wyze’s and at $20 apiece, I really don’t care that this beta is free. I’m going to buy a few more soon anyway because they’re awesome little cameras for the price and features.