Wyze Thermostat Firmware Beta Test 4/29/2022

Version: 1.2.1


  • Improved processor sync performance

  • Improved Wi-Fi offline reporting performance

  • Fixed a bug that may cause a disconnection after updating firmware


Great news. I am actually hooking mine up this weekend. :slight_smile:


One of Two updated without issue (#2 can wait to make sure #1 is happy).

Will monitor and report back any findings.


Updated no problem so far so good.

So far so good. Installed last night with no issues.

encouraging… :slight_smile:

Today I will be installing mine.

if you don’t update you can’t use the thermostat. theres no “update later” or way to exit the update popup

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I just noticed this as well. Happening on both Android beta v2.31.0 (b137) and iOS beta v2.31.0(b2)

You can back out to the Main page or close the app, but you cannot get to the device.

Also seeing this on Android production v2.30.0(130)


Been monitoring the T-Stat and everything is working. The only question I have I see the “Safety Delay 1 minute” on both Heat and AC.

Log # 567786


  • FW: 1.2.1
  • Behavior: Better Comfort
  • Fan: Always on
  • Fan Activation Delay: By Furnace
  • Temp: Auto Mode
  • Schedule:
    • Heat to 67
    • Cool to 72
  • Temp Preferences:
    • Home: 67 / 72
    • Away: 67 / 72
    • Sleep: 65 / 70
  • Differential Temp: .5 degrees F


Running the HVAC with the new T-Stat for about a week now. Everything is working well, it heats and cools as expected. However, the “Safety Delay 1 minute” seems to appear a lot. Even when nothing has been on for a period of time. For example. we lower the temp in the house when we sleep as shown above. This morning, the Heat kicked on and the delay was displayed even though the system was not heating or cooling previously. The fan runs 24x7 for circulation only.

Not sure if the algorithm may need to be adjusted for when you are in “Better Comfort” and the fan is on 24x7.

I was not aware this could happen with the heat as well. I understand the AC ac Short Cycling the AC could cause an issue.

Here are a couple of images:

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I had the safety delay show up for the first day, then it disappeared. I am wondering if the new algorithm to analyze the “time to” function needed to calibrate with the update.
Just a guess, but my T Stat has been working fine after that.

Mine is working fine, but I get that message more frequently. Probably notice it because I am continually looking at it.

I also set a .5 degree differential temp in the advanced area. Did you leave yours at the 1 degree default?

I am also set for Better comfort.

I am also set for Better Comfort, and I am going to try the .5 degree difference. I have been using the default. We just changed to AC season, so I will watch for it more, as Safety Delay is usually associated with the AC compressor more than the furnace.

Thanks. I agree with the AC being the device of concern. For some reason it was happening on heat as well for me.

Update: I have not noticed the safety delay triggering again. I did have one instance, but that was my wife changing temps back and forth, so I would have expected it.
Everything, other than room sensors, seems to work as expected.


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