2.20 app, Sense Hub, Doorbell & Thermostat Firmware Beta Test 4/27/2021

2.20 BETA APP:

  • iOS: 2.20.131(3)

  • Android: 2.20.3


  • Added support for Wyze Floor Lamp

  • Added a red dot indicator for beta users when a new product enters Beta Program

  • Added support for Quick Replies for Wyze Video Doorbell (firmware update required)

  • Added support for deleting phone numbers in Wyze Home Monitoring

  • Added support for Fan Activation Delay for Wyze Thermostat

  • When using Wyze Thermostat during Auto mode, when the heating and cooling temperature difference less than 5F, the temperature will change automatically when either one is changed

  • Moved Fan Cycle to Advanced Settings and added further in-app information

  • Wyze Thermostat Fan Cycle interval is now changed to 0-30 min/hour. The default value is 0 min/hour

  • UI improvement in Wyze Cam v2, v3, and Pan Settings

  • Bug fixes


Firmware version: 4.32.2. 141


  • Optimized update stability

  • Fixed a bug that caused alarms to trigger incorrectly

  • Fixed a bug that may have prevented the ability to cancel Noonlight using the keypad


Firmware Version: 4.25.0. 244


  • Added the Quick Replies function (2.20 app version required to trigger the voice prompts)

  • Fixed a bug that caused the white LED to turn off before Event recording completes

  • Fixed a cloud issue that caused devices to keep rebooting when the status light was solid blue

  • Fixed a noise issue while using night vision

  • Improved the QR scan performance when there is a strong backlight


Firmware Version: 1.1.7


  • Adjusted the temperature correction formula to improve accuracy

  • The heating stage difference is reduced from 5F to 4F

  • Fan activation delay is improved

  • Coast to Cool is 30 seconds now

  • Added a new Fan Cycle setting that matches the app

  • Removed Fan Cycle from the device user interface

  • UI improvements

  • Fixed a bug that caused the thermostat to show as offline when unplugged and reattached


Installed the App on Android Device without issue. Also installed the FW for the Doorbell as well. Will test the updates.

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Anyone know what the UI improvements for cameras is?
I just loaded the new version on both a Motorola G7 power and my #$%^& iPhone 8. Nothing overly obvious, except MAYBE viewing playback on V2 cameras that have RTSP firmware is better. Previously when you scrolled time, it would take about 5 seconds to move time. Non-RTSP cameras would scroll time in about 1 second. Now the RTSP cameras are somewhat faster - still not as fast as non-RTSP cameras.
Oops - update. While typing this post, the @#$%^& iPhone 8 Wyze app just crashed while sitting on my desk watching a single V2 in playback.

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During my testing so far, my notifications were coming in well after they showed up on the events tab. In addition, my outlets and bulbs were not functioning properly. I ended up clearing the cache within the app, then on my Android phone, long pressed the app icon, went to App Info and did a force stop and the cleared the cache there as well. Went back into the app and everything started working fine again.

I normally do this when there is an App Update, but wanted to see if I had to, and Yes, I did.

My Watch 47 won’t connect after installing this update on Android. The previous update fixed what was broken in the update before that.

Also, weren’t we supposed to be able to rearrange apps in this update?

If you’re using the latest app, there’s a category on the watch home screen called “watch app display” that has the options to rearrange them.

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I’m not seeing that on my side, but it could be because the app doesn’t know the watch has the appropriate firmware to show it because it won’t connect.

EDIT: That was it, rebooted both the watch and phone. Watch was able to connect and the new option showed up.

#Wyze Andy Really running out of patience. I’m an existing Beta member, and have been trying to get 2.20.3 since 4/27/21. I’ve also made many posted in FB Beta group on this, and PM’d a couple of the Wyze Team members about it. And I’ve initiated a couple of tickets too. No one has responded from the Wyze Team, the best suggestions I had was from other users talking about clearing cache for Android Play Store app. No of this did any good. Tonight I went to the Play Store in my laptop browser and it still shows 2.19.15 as the current version for Wyze Beta. It does acknowledge I’m supposed to get Beta versions when they are available. I went further. I found out that there are 3rd party sites hosting it. I’m not nuts about that idea, but they did have it, and it did clear antivirus and antimalware scans, and it does work. I was a little hesitant to post this but after over a week of no responses, it’s beyond annoying.

@WyzeAndy does the beta app for Android classify “Someone is calling” messages as something other than “WyzeMessages”?

Currently, I have WyzeMessages for motion events as silent as I have many cameras and get many of those. Since calls from the doorbell come across as the same Android message class, I cannot make them loud while still keeping motion events silent.

APKMirror is a reputable site and only allows non-modified (verified by certificate fingerprints) extracts of apps to be hosted on their site.

Wyze - Make Your Home Smarter 2.20.21 APK Download by Wyze Labs Inc. - APKMirror or Wyze - Make Your Home Smarter 2.21.12 beta APK Download by Wyze Labs Inc. - APKMirror

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