Wyze Thermostat firmware 1.2.7 - Released 5/4/2023

We’re releasing Wyze Thermostat firmware 1.2.7 today! This fixes a reboot issue that happened when the thermostat was disconnected from Wi-Fi and a sensor bug that happened when Motion-sensing Comfort was turned off. :house_with_garden:

Read our Release Notes: :notebook:


Because I consider my thermostat a critical device, I do not test Beta Firmware on it or update to new firmware unless absolutely sure it is stable. I have been watching all the Firmware Beta and Production Release threads on the thermostat and felt this release wasn’t showing any drastic negative feedback. So, with a spare backup thermostat on the shelf, I decided a Production Firmware update was an acceptable risk.

I am happy to report that the update from 1.2.1 to 1.2.7 was successful on the first try and without any noticable change or adverse affects whatsoever.

I added my Remote Room Sensor back into the Comfort Control Included list (With Motion Sensing Off) since it kept reverting to Not Included after some time on the old firmware. Will keep an eye on it to see if it stays there.

I am still disappointed that the Filter Management tracking function within the firmware remains dysfunctional after several years of inoperability. Filters are rated on Calendar Months, not on Cumulative Run Time Months, if that is even how the firmware is trying to calculate the percentage used. I am well past my 90 day rated filter life span, yet the app is reporting 4% used. What’s worse, the app does not report the date of the last reset anywhere. Had I not written the date on the filter… the old fashioned way, I would have no way of knowing the date of the last reset.

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I do not use wifi Thermostat from any manufacturers because it is critical controller. A furnace is now 6k .

I agree that it is a critical controller. However it is also stable as a stand alone hard wired wall unit even when disconnected from WiFi. So, no real risk in failure over a dumb programmable thermostat like was on it before. Both are useless in a power outage.

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