Wyze Thermostat Firmware 1.2.1 Released - 5/4/22


Wyze Thermostat firmware 1.2.1 is releasing today with improved processor sync performance, better Wi-Fi offline reporting performance, and we fixed a bug that could cause a disconnection after updating firmware. :wind_face:

Read our Release Notes:


Installed and has been working like a champ. Will continue to test.


NOT HAPPY! :rage:

Firmware updates should NOT be mandatory!

I purposely wait to update my firmware because of Wyze’s highly publicized and prolific history of releasing very buggy and downright detrimental firmware. I wait to read feedback about any problems with the PR.

However, in the case with this FW update, I am prohibited from using the app to control the thermostat unless I drink the koolaid and update. There is no bypass, there is no maybe later, there is no cancel. If I don’t update, I am locked out of app control for the T-stat. Every time I open the T-stat I get that message and cannot access any settings.

Why? That’s what I want Wyze to answer. What is so critically important about this update that I can’t access the old FW UI thru the app without updating?

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This one is super important because it fixes a bug that caused the thermostat to stop working in some cases. It also addresses issues we’ve seen pretty prevalently regarding offline reporting. Generally, we try to give time for everyone to update when it’s right for them. I’ll give the team feedback about this. I hadn’t heard about this popup before this.


Thank you for the response. I will continue to wait until it is critically necessary for me to update. I have a room sensor on order, so it will probably be sooner rather than later that I am forced to update.

However, my T-stat was working as designed with no problems so 'if it ain’t broke.


Downloaded and installed this morning without issue. Can you please explain what “improved processor sync performance, better Wi-Fi offline reporting performance,” means?


Happy to help! @SlabSlayer, I gave some recommendations to the team based on this feedback and I’m glad you brought it up. While I do think that this update is important and that we should make sure folks update, I agree that you all should have had a chance to decide the timing before we got this pushy with it. :slight_smile:

@broadbentr, there were issues with Wi-Fi status not updating appropriately and disconnection issues. Those are sections dealing with those. So you should see improved connectivity and better recognition for if connectivity drops. I don’t think you’d see much change from your end with the processor sync performance just because those changes tend to be less obvious to an end user.


I agree with SlabSlayer’s NOT HAPPY! post, and want to add my 2 cents.

I have multiple Wyse devices, thermostats included, Many of them are located in an unoccupied home that’s 400 miles away. I cringe at having to do upgrades remotely because of the very real chance of something going wrong and having to make a two day unplanned trip to fix it. I’ve had plugs and cams go offline after upgrades and had to drive out there to get them working again, it’s a real problem.

Now I can’t access the thermostat in that second home unless I take a chance and upgrade it. If I click on the thermostat in the app, just to check the temp, I get the “Firmware Upgrade Required” popup and the app freezes! There is no option to not upgrade and return to the home screen. I have to force stop the app and restart it to recover.

That thermostat has been working flawlessly with FW version 1.1.7 for over 5 months. I am going to leave it running with that version, even though it’s now crippled, until I can schedule a trip out there, at least another month.

Forced Upgrades are a bad idea! At the very least, give us advanced warning and a date when it will be forced on us, along with the reason why.


:unamused: Don’t normally write about apps, but this is not acceptable. Like previous contributor, I use Wyze products to monitor home when gone on extended trips and have done so for 2 years. Most devices work well using cross checking to verify function when 1300 miles away. The thermostat, however, has been less than acceptable and with this upgrade is now useless. Very poorly thought out roll out plan. Also use Nest and Ecobee and would definitely recommend these for future installs with much, much better reporting and more reliable service. Wyze should get their act together for at least the thermostat, since we are relying on it to control a pricey piece of equipment.

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Welcome to the User Community Forum @Sub610!

My previous post was specifically addressing the forced update rather than being able to choose when to update.

My Wyze Thermostat, however, has operated rock solid since the update and addition of a Remote Sensor.

If you are having specific issues with the functionality, features, or connectivity of your Wyze Thermostat; or features that you would like to see, please post those details here so they can be discussed and possibly addressed\fixed.

How are the sensors ? I wanna get a pair but what can I do with them exactly ? I know I can monitor the temperature in the rooms I set them in but is their any other features ?

The sensors are great for monitoring temps in other rooms. They do have features such as motion activation and temp averaging based on thermostat state choices or user preferences.

There are threads discussing this:


I installed my thermostat in early Oct of 2022. It has been running fine, along with a pair of Wyze cameras on the same network. Now, in March of 2023 it has lost it’s network connection twice in two weeks. I have never had this problem with the cameras I have.
The thermostat is on firmware version 1.2.1 and I notice you had a 1.2.4.a2 which was quickly followed by a 1.2.5, that I am not able to get. It seems the original goal of 1.2.4 was to fix connectivity issues, which I am now having.
Is there going to be a connectivity release update in the near future? It seems odd that you made an attempt in Oct, but now, half a year later, still have not pushed out a solid connectivity fix.