Thermostat Firmware update

I have had my Wyze thermostat for several months now and it operated throughout the summer with no problems. It recently dropped the internet connection and I followed the recommended “turn router off” wait and then turn it back on. This failed to work. I ended up doing a factory reset and reinstalling it as a new device.
I noticed that there have been many complaints about the thermostat dropping the internet and that there are new firmware versions that have release notes of fixes for this problem.
My thermostat has firmware version 1.2.1. When I check the firmware update from the app (Account->Firmware Update); the response is that the firmware is up to date. Yet, the “What’s New” has release notes for 2 newer releases fixing connectivity issues and firmware updates. Do I have to manually update the firmware to get back to automated updates? If yes, then where are the instructions on how to do that?


The last two firmwares have been critically buggy for some people, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they stopped rolling them out.


Agree w\ @Thermos!

I even went so far as to pull my thermostat from the Beta program because of the feedback that was being reported.

1.2.1 is a great place to be right now! I would stay there until you read here in the forum that a new update is working well.

1.2.3 beta failed and was never released
1.2.4.a2 was released but failed quickly
1.2.5 was released only to those who had 1.2.4.a2 and it isn’t quite ready for prime time yet.


12.5 thermostat firmware update was a disaster for us. It caused short cycling of the system. The update was installed and due to the weather being great that day the heat pump/ac was not needed. The next day we left early and were gone until late. The weather had drastically changed and the unit had been called on to hold the temp in our home. Evidently the unit had been short cycling all day. We immediately noticed the house was colder that expected upon our return. I changed the temp setting and heard the heat pump start but the air handler never started. Upon checking the air handler, I could hear a hum but no air movement. Pulled the circuit breakers and contacted our HVAC service. They came out yesterday afternoon and determined that the air handler computer controlled motor had failed - most likely due to the short cycling. Hopefully they will receive the new motor tomorrow and will install it tomorrow. The part was covered by warranty but the labor is $395, plus $ I00 for a new non-Wyze thermostat. Other users have reported a similar problem with the thermostat. Our home is full of Wyze products as I have been a supporter for sometime. Think Wyze got out of their lane with the thermostat. No update to fix 12.5 has been announced to my knowledge. My Wyze thermostat and 2 remote units are now residing in my spare parts bin. Early adoption finally bit me in my 78 year old butt.