Thermostat latest firmware (1.2) issue

I’ll just say first that this latest firmware is a good improvement on how it controls my heat pump and the logic seems to be better at controlling the fan and when to engage 2nd stage heat. However, it has resulted in a new annoying problem. The thermostat loses wifi connection every 3 days. It just goes offline. The previous firmwares had their issues but never did it randomly or consistently disconnect from wifi. Please tell me how to fix this or include a fix in your next firmware update. It’s annoying having to pull it off the wall and plug it back in every 3 days.

Same issue with mine, and I’ve called and emailed tech support several times and they just want more and more information and refuse to just reset it back to the previous firmware. First they claimed my wifi was insufficient, likely because I have multiple wyze products. Well I’ve had them for a year and the thermostat is the closest thing to my router and always worked flawlessly until this latest firmware update. Then they wanted pictures of my furnace circuit board, model numbers off both my furnace and condenser unit and something else. Wtf does ANY of that have to do with the thermostat not staying connected to my wifi?? Not a damn thing. I’m about to go buy a name brand wifi thermostat and trash this wyze crap.

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Agreed. Well I’m not going to let them get that far with me. So far just asking to try what I’ve already tried. update the app, force close the app, restart the router, factory reset the thermostat. same problem.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if something worked fine for awhile and you make a change and it suddenly develops a problem right after that, then there’s a very high probability that it’s because of the change you made.

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I am in the same boat as my app/thermostat crapped out after 6 months. It is freezing at night and my family is cold. I have been working with the text support and they are telling me to do the same thing… Any recommendations on a better thermostat? We may not be able to rough it out for another night after playing the game for a week.

I may have bought into this company too quickly with the SMART Home concept… Buyer beware.

I’m having a similar issue. We have thermostats in two locations - our home and our lake house. The one at home works perfectly. The one at the lake goes offline about a day after we leave and stays offline until we come back and I flip the breaker on/off or if the power goes out and comes back. I know it’s not my internet connection because we have 5G there (routinely see speeds of 130-160 MB/s) and I’ve tried rebooting the router to no avail. It always requires the breaker flip to reconnect.

Wyze has kind of offered a refund and for me to send back my unit. If they pay for shipping I will comply. They said that my unit may have the answers they are looking for to fix this bug. So hopefully they are able to respond with what I need and we can move closer to helping others with this issue.

Mine is offline also. I am a snowbird and 1600 miles away… Errrr . My camera there is still connected and I heard the furnace run but geeze. My Sensi thermosstats have lost connection but seem to reconnect.

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I have had a support case open for disconnects a week or so and they finally responded saying that “it’s too far away from the access point or a problem with the access point”. I have 28 other devices with no issue (including 10 wyze cameras). Both thermostats will immediately reconnect if power cycled. One thermostat is less than 4 feet from the access point and the other is 14 feet away. Both Wyze thermostats will no longer stay connected for more than 48 hours.

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FWIW. I ran RouteThis helps as they suggested and the only thing it suggested was to use 5 GHz wireless network. I haven’t switched to it yet and still using 2.4. but I did completely restart my router and I’m at 5 days without the thermostat going offline. If it happens again I’ll setup with 5 to see if that helps any. I don’t how that would be the problem since it’s been running on the 2.4 network just fine for years. Thermostat is less than 10 feet away from the access point. Always has been

Only 2.4 ghz is supported by the thermostat, so you can’t set it up to use a 5ghz network.

Lol. Well then their suggestion makes even less sense.

I have had no connection issues with 1.2.0 with my two units, One is downstairs and probably 25 feet from my access point. In early firmware versions from more than 6 months ago I had both units showing off line randomly but haven’t had an issue in many months. Even when it was showing off line, I could still run them with the app (Android).

1.2.0 firmware version has the ability to be restarted in the app, can you do that when it is showing off-line or is it really off line?

They just give an error that they can not connect when you click the restart button when they show disconnected. Nothing else can be done either when in the disconnected state other than view the device info page. How old or your units? Did you pre-order them before general release (mine are pre-order)?

I’ve tried the in app restart but it doesn’t help in my case. I’ve also rebooted my router remotely to no avail. The only thing that brings it back online for me is throwing the breaker.

Mine are pre order units installed in January 2021. Not that it should matter but I’m running a D-link single point router. I wonder if there might be some router setting that is causing the problem (but not sure why firmware would have changed it if it worked fine before). I don’t have reserved IP addresses on mine (and you would likely not either) but maybe you could try reserving them to see if it makes a difference…just grabbing for straws at this point.

I bought mine early as well, installed January of 21 too. Netgear ‘nighthawk’ router I believe it is, as I’ve stated before, never a single connection issue until a couple of days after the latest firmware update, then constant issues. When it’s offline, there’s no way to access it via the app, it just shows the device as offline. I have to power cycle it by physically turning off the power to my furnace for a bit and then turning it back on, then it reconnects within seconds. It may stay connected for 6 hours or 2 days, never know. But it loses connection for some reason regardless. I’ve not changed any settings on my router, nor have I moved it. The signal tests excellent using several different speed tests. It’s definitely something they have screwed up with the firmware, that much is apparent since this is appearing to be a fairly widespread issue.

There must be something unique to those that are having problems (as I have no issues with mine) but it’s about impossible for us to determine what that might be. It’s too bad that Wyze doesn’t offer a way to roll back the firmware for situations like this; at least there would be a way to avoid newly created issues till they figure it out.

As weird as it may seem, I actually don’t think it’s a Wyze issue. I think it’s a router issue. Both of my thermostats were purchased within two weeks of one another about 6 weeks ago. They are both operating Goodman heat pump units. The only differences are location, router, and service provider.

Home unit has a Motorola router and xfinity internet. This unit has never been offline.

Lake house unit has a T-Mobile router with w TP Link Deco Mesh system and Txmobile internet. This unit goes offline after a couple days and requires a breaker flip to get back online.

Same thing is happening to my thermostat- after over a year of a rock solid connection, within 3 days of the newest firmware release, it’s offline.

I’m running 3 WiFi access points in my home, from 3 different brands, with a hardwire ethernet backhaul, so that’s probably not the issue.

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