Wyze Thermostat Firmware Beta Test 4/3/2023


What’s new:

  • Fixed a reboot issue after the thermostat is disconnected from Wi-Fi
  • Fixed a sensor bug that occurred when Motion-sensing Comfort was turned off

Installing now.

@WyzeAndy , with the the sensor bug, could that have caused some to see their sensors dropping out of the comfort control area?

If so, this is a great thing and will need to pass this on.


Installation went fine, did it from the Firmware update page. The only thing of note is that the T-Stat seemed to not connect to WiFi, or maybe I did not wait long enough. I removed the T-Stat from the wall and put it back on and it connected without issue. I do have a tendency to jump the gun at times. :slight_smile:

But it is all connected and seems to be functioning well.

Android App Version 2.41.0 (b194)
Submitted Log in case Wyze Needs it 990973

But as stated above, everything is working now.


Installing now to replace v1.2.6, will keep posted. Fingers crossed for better connectivity reliability.


Failed to update through the firmware page, going through the devices setting and firmware updated it just fine. Not sure why but it’s updated to 1.2.7 now will update any other issues I notice.

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It took me 4 times to get the 1.2.7 update to take on both of the units I’m testing with this update. So far so good. Two days and both units are still maintaining connectivity.

Update went smooth, no issues. will report back if gremlins show up. One thing, hope this fixes the filter issue of not really updating use, I have a filter in place for a year and it says 25% used.


@WyzeAndy @WyzeJasonJ

I seem to be having an issue where one of my Remote Sensors seem to be adding itself to my comfort control. This started happening after the 1.2.7 release.

The Blue arrow is pointing to the remote sensor which seems to add itself frequently. As you can see by the image, I have motion-sensing off and I don’t have it setup to coincide with my schedule. I always have my sensors participating.

In the summer I include the Family Room Sensor and not the Office. In the Winter, I include the office and not the Family room sensor.

I have also provided a log.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

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Didn’t fix the problem (going offline) for me

mine still goes offline frequently.

I have this version 1.2.7, but mine still goes offline

I think this is an important issue for Wyze to address. But we only hear crickets!!! They are making harder, and harder to try and stay with the Wyze eco system. I’m trying really hard to believe in them like I do with Apple.

Wyze, wake up and address the connectivity issues with the Thermostat!

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I have sent all this feedback up to the team.


thanks, let me know if I can provide any additional useful information.

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I have the same issue, Agree about the Priority. I think Wyze knows this is critical issue and have not found a good solution. If a camera goes offline occasionally, to me that is bad but not critical. When your thermostat goes offline, pipes could bust in the winter and mildew and mold can cause havoc in the summer. I installed this thermostat in March firmware update is: 1.2.7. For the first month it had Zero problems, then about 4 weeks ago it went offline and the thermostat automagically restarted one time, Lasted about a week. Been offline ever since… Any ideas to restart remotely? I am 1,000 miles away. This won’t work for me long term…

just noticed on the device info page through the app it shows the wrong ip address for my thermostat. (router shows something else, and my computer is bound to the one wyze shows). furthermore, on the actual thermostat the device info shows for the ip. i mean it works locally and remotely but the incorrect ip was giving me problems earlier, which is how i discovered the incorrect reporting.

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