Wyze Sprinkler Controller, Thermostat Beta Test 7/5/2022

Wyze Sprinkler Controller Beta:

Version: 1.0.10

What’s New:

  • Fixed a bug that caused Schedules to not run if deleted and then created immediately.

Wyze Thermostat Beta:

Version: 1.2.2

What’s New:

  • Improved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Wyze Thermostat Beta 1.2.2

  • Halted because the firmware has an internal bug that could cause the PIR sensor to malfunction

Updating T-Stat now. Don’t have a Sprinkler Controller to test. Will update when done


Completed the update took 4 minutes to download and install. Settings seem to be the same as before. Will monitor now and see how it runs.

Edit 2

Although not with this release, it appears that there is no notification for the Filter Change. I checked today and my filter said it was 123% utilized. I would think it should notify me when the filter needs to be changed based on my provided schedule. Similar to the Air Purifier.

Here is a Pic:


@jentsang question on the T-Stat update. Not saying there is any issue as it is working and cooling as expected I just notice a slight difference.

Question: Were there any other changes made especially in the Average Calculation when utilizing Remote Sensors? I have been monitoring my Sensors and the T-Stat on a regular basis as I want to become familiar enough with the setup to support others in the Forums. With that said, here is why I was asking:

Before the update: My T-Stat Temp showed 72 and my Family Room Sensor showed 73 which when working together would average to 72.5 and my Cool to is 72 with a behavior of Better Comfort. AC Comes on as expected and cools to a temp which will turn off the AC.

After Update: My T-Stat Temp showed 72 and my Family Room Sensor showed 73 which when working together would average to 72.5 and my Cool to is 72 with a behavior of Better Comfort. AC does not come on until the T-Stat or Remote Sensor changes an extea degree.

Not saying it is an issue as I know we could be talking about decimals and rounding here. For example:

T-Stat shows 72, but it could actually be 71.5 to 72.4 assuming it is rounding. Like wise the Remote showed 73 which could be 72.5 to 73.4. So, if we take the lesser of the 2 71.5 and 72.5 then the average would be 72 and hence no AC.

I know, a lot being said to simply ask if there was a calculation mod to the T-Stat process?


Updated my Thermostat and so far no issues with updating, seems to be working fine but it is summer so not much I can really do with testing beyond operation.

there is a setting in the sensor called comfort threshold, which allows adjusting accuracy. What is your setting?

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Prioritize Comfort.

No Settings have changed and it is functioning. Just notice it is acting a little different. :slight_smile:

This is my T-Stat Settings

@Chuan @jentsang @WyzeJasonJ

I was going through my Wyze App and noticed the T-Stat showed no Internet, picture attached from the App showing the cloud with a slash. However, the T-Stat itself shows everything is ok and I am able to connect and control it via my Device, so it is actually connected.

I submitted log # 638121

Pictures of the App Showing offline) and the T-Stat (Showing ok)


The only way I could clear it out was to start the T-Stat in the App go to Settings and select Restart for the T-Stat. Once it came back up, the offline symbol in the app went away

@WyzeJasonJ @Chuan @jentsang

Over the last few days I have been experiencing my Family Room Remote Sensor Being removed from the Comfort Control Process. This did not start happening until after updating the T-Stat FW, which I believe has now been paused.

Last night I looked and my Remote Sensor was removed from Comfort Settings, I added it back about 10:15pm. This morning I woke up and it was removed again, I added it back again. Not sure why this is happening. I would be glad to do some tests for you if needed.

I am currently running the following:

Android App Version: 2.33.0 (b159)
iOS App version: 2.33.0 (b14)

Note: this was happening even before the app update to this version.

T-Stat FW: 1.2.2
Remote Sensor FW: 1.1.0

T-Stat Settings:

  • Auto Switch is off
  • Behavior is set to Better Comfort
  • Differential Temp is .5 degrees
  • Temp Correction is -1 degree
  • Coast to Cook is off
  • Schedule: 6 am goes to Home Mode, 10pm goes to sleep mode
  • Modes: Home is 67/72, Away is 67/72, Sleep is 65/70 (I DO NOT USE AWAY)

Remote Sensor Settings:

  • Threshold Temp is 7 degrees
  • Hot/Cold Spot is Prioritize Comfort

Sent in logs this morning as it was removed again.

T-Stat Log: 646484
Remote Sensor Log: 646485

This link will also show my T-Stat and Sensor Settings:

I’ve noticed the same problem. All sensors are not going in and out of comfort mode. Started after update.

Yea, mine is setup for 24x7 inclusion in comfort settings. I do not use the Motion Tracking pieces.

Hopefully it will be corrected

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