Wyze Thermostat firmware or lack thereof

I’ve had the wyze thermostat now for a couple of months and have added a few items to the wishlist. Such as having the option to keep the display on vs only motion sensing. But I also see some bugs…

  1. The average temperature reading for daily and monthly don’t adjust when there are days that the thermostat doesn’t kick in or is simply turned off.

  2. Having to reset the skill within Alexa often even though my Alexa app is up to date.

Is it weird to anybody else that the thermostat firmware version is still at v1.1.1 after being available for a few months?

Yes, I do.

We are seeing some updates come through app releases even though they don’t list them in the releases, for example whole home humidifier control when connected to asterisk terminal (must be considered “Bug Fix”).

My primary issue is the inability of tstat to control Stage 2 heat on gas forced air system … and lesser so with a long list of other issues, humidity display not tracking with actual humidity levels, appears stuck.

Hard to know what they will put in a firmware update vs app update, but I completely agree, firmware is way overdue. Wyze should follow the principle of “smaller, more frequent updates.”

Yes, very odd, given the volume of issues. Many of us have given up waiting and have either returned it or left it uninstalled for several weeks now. I will point out that this is one of their products developed in partnership with another company, so maybe that is contributing to the delay. Still, some acknowledgement from Wyze that a fix to make the device at least functional would be nice. But, getting nothing but silence instead.

I’m afraid they are trying to pack too much into the release and make it perfect, and can’t get it out of testing … smaller, more frequent releases would be easier, faster, and show progress which would satisfy many of us …

… and hopefully the delays are not because they are deficient in their talent :thinking:

I hope that isn’t the case as well. It seems that with all of the products they are rolling out, that they are spread thin and/or trying to boil the ocean. But I think we are all correct when we say that Wyze should at least come out with some updates or a statement at the minimum saying “This is what we’re working on or looking at and you should expect some updates in Q2 of 2021”

My concern is that I pre-ordered it, and there was a firmware already available upon initial installation, but we haven’t heard anything since. Did the partnership / contract with the degrii already expire?

I wonder how many returns they could have avoided if they went the path of incremental updates.

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A year later and same situation.

I’ve stopped buying all wyze products and am slowly switching to a different system. It’s sad since I have been an early adopter of thier products.