Wyze Thermostat Feedback after a week

This is just my feedback/comments after having the Wyze thermostat installed over the past 7 days, and I’m going straight to the point. And I noticed a lot of Wyze thermostat owners are facing the same issue. It’s odd how this thermostat is advertised as smart, however it always overshoots by 3-5 degrees more. For instance, I set the temperature at 71F, heater on auto, however it just keeps on pushing out more hot air past the set temp. Like wow, it was hot at night and I had to wake up and switch on the AC. And it was 76F Jebus Christ. Even at max comfort settings, that didn’t fix anything. In all honesty, the dumb thermostat that came with my new house is more accurate at knowing when to kick in the hot air or cold air. All I’m hoping is it just needs a firmware update and good to go. No hardware issues whatsoever . What are y’all thoughts on this?


99% certain this is a firmware thing. Every time I ask for the temperature in the hall where my thermostat is, the temperature is returned accurately to the decimal. It’s my opinion there’s something really odd about how they are rounding the displayed value.

I’m also not convinced the behavior slider is doing anything outside of setting temp prefs right now either and I suspect we’re all seeing the behavior of Max Savings. Despite the overshoot, the system is tracking for me to run less than with my previous thermostat and I’m not noticing much comfort difference.

AGREED!!! I’m just gonna hold on to this thermostat and “hopefully” Wyze will release an update ASAP. I’ll give them a few more weeks before returning the device. Apart from the firmware, hardware and overall design is great for the price. And of course, ease of install especially when it comes with a video tutorial, although they could work on it a little, as some homeowners have different configuration in their HVAC system. It’s their first line of product in the realm of smart thermostat, so I kinda expected hiccups along the way.

Strangely, I am not experiencing overshoot of 3-5 degrees (which I would prob give up), I’m forced air, northern climate, and I am getting +/- 1 degree (set at 69, swings from 68-70)…best I can tell.

NOW, I can’t get my whole home humidifier to turn off at humidity set point or stage 2 heat to be controlled by Wyze (support request aging 9 days, no response), so totally agree with needing a firmware to improve the experience!

Hanging tough!

How I wished mine only swings between +/-1 degrees. Set my temps at 71F, and whenever it hits 73F I was like ok stop (internally talking to myself) and you could literally feel hot air still blowing, and my old dumb thermostat which I placed next to the Wyze thermostat was also showing 73F, which eventually peaked and stop at 75F.

Gods of programming, hear my prayer.

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I hear your pain! But I’m thinking your prayers have a lot of competition to be heard :wink:

We have dual heat-pump units in our two-story house, I too am not happy with the temp swings we are experiencing of at least +/- 2 degrees, even though the setting is at Max Comfort. We would be happy with +/- 1 degree. In addition, in heat mode there is a final blast of of super-heated furnace air at the end of the cycle. This feature is very uncomfortable, and I just don’t understand the need for it.
Overall, we are happy with the versatility and features of the Wyze thermostats. After installing the first one, and knowing of the complaints I mentioned, we ordered and installed a second one. They seem to coordinate well with each other. I’m hoping that Wyze will address the aforementioned problems in an update very soon.

That last blast of super heated air is your auxiliary heat being called by the thermostat. That’s my biggest issue with it right now. We have electric strips as aux heat which are super expensive to run. I switched back to our old one because I didn’t want to see a huge spike in electric bills. They’ve been very unresponsive to this issue, so I’m thinking it may be time for a return. Not worth saving $100-150 vs another “smart” thermostat if it costs me that in electricity every month. Very disappointed with this thermostat and the lack of response/action from Wyze so far.

Totally agree with you on this. With the Wyze thermostat, I do notice strong blast of hot air and literally can hear it. I’m well aware I’m expected to see higher spike in energy consumption and cost. That being said, is it possible for a firmware update to fix this issue? I’m also planning to return mine before end of January if there is no fix or update from them.

Kudos to the Wyze staff! They’ve been listening. They’ve added a “Differential Temp” adjustment setting to the Advanced menu to help correct the wide temp swing problem. Thank you Wyze. Hopefully, the hot air blast at the end of the heating cycle will also be corrected in a future firmware update.

Still getting a blast of aux heat at the end of the cycle…Anyone else still experiencing this?