Thermostat temperature not constant

Installed Wyze thermostat to my brand new hvac system. When I set it to a particular temperature, it would go 3 degrees over or lower but not maintain the set temperature! Why is this happening? Right now I set it to 72 but it is heating past that temperature at 74(as shown on thermostat itself). This is beginning to annoy me now. Please HELP! Thanks I’m advance.

I am not an HVAC expert so I apologize if I’m completely incorrect.
Many thermostats are pre-set with a temperature differential or gap. It’s the temperature difference between when your heating or air conditioning kicks in and when it shuts off. For example, if you set your cooling temp at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, your thermostat may actually activate cooling at 83 degrees and shut it off when the temp reaches 80 degrees. That’s a differential of 3 degrees Fahrenheit.
I’m not sure that’s how this thermostat is designed because it’s a “Smart” thermostat, I’ve been looking in settings to see if it can be changed but haven’t found it yet.

This is most likely the case. On the savings/comfort slider do you have yours set? Mine is in the middle.

Let’s say my set point is 70 and I am heating.

When it dips below 70 it says heating in <1 min. (Takes longer than 1 but) it will wait till it hits 68 and then will heat to 72. This will minimize the amount of time your heat turns on and saves you more money.

I’m sure if you set it to “Max comfort” it would kick on right at 69 and off right at 70.

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Ah yes that’s the setting I was looking for and referring to. Thought it my be a setting by itself instead of being buried in another setting. Regardless I’m glad it’s there if needed.

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I’d like to see more detailed description of the Behavior settings from Max Savings to Max Comfort. If it changes the temperature differential, +/- the set point, then by what specific amounts, at what temp gap does W2 kick in, etc. Pls provide this team Wyze. Thx!


You would think that’s how it works but going from the middle setting to Max comfort doesn’t seem to do anything different. Been on max comfort for 2 days and still experiencing a 4-5 Deg. Swing


Interesting. I was hoping that it would change that. Maybe a good feature to implement.

Same here, I don’t notice any difference from the middle to max comfort, via android (beta)

Let’s hope this setting gets sorted out. I’m hearing a lot of complaints at home because of the +/- swing.

Same here…sending it back…they told me it has issues on the first release. my temp thermometer I have sitting next to it is 5 degrees off…this is not ready for prime-time yet…

Experiencing the same. 1st time customer and have yet to hear back on a trouble ticket in 12 days. Return imminent

I’m having similar issues with the app and saving settings. I ensure the app saves it, and then I go back and double check and sometimes the settings (temp) are defaulted to what they were when I set up the thermostat originally, not to what I revised them to.

For example last evening I made sure everything was set to 70 degrees for heat during sleep mode. Woke up and it was 67 temp on the thermostat and had defaulted to the original values of being 68 for sleep. Very frustrating. Might have to uninstall the thermostat and leave a very bad review unless they issue a software fix / firmware fix ASAP. Not going to keep waking up cold in my house for much longer. Not tolerable. This is different than WYZE cams which if they don’t work or have problems, no big deal in terms of life comfort and family complaints. A thermostat NEEDS to operate properly from the start.

I’ve also noticed this issue/error when attempting to change my location settings (street, city state). It sometimes doesn’t save or defaults to what was inputted during first setup, not to what I’ve modified them to.

Please fix ASAP.

I bought two but only installed one because the current temperature reading swings wildly from one end to the other within seconds. Look at it again a couple seconds later and it’s different again. Meanwhile the old thermostat and a $4 thermometer are reading the current temperature and it does swing up and down. This swinging triggers the boiler even if it’s not needed and then when the thermostat swings back down it tries to turn of the furnace but must wait for safety concerns. This is not good. I can’t trust the thermostat to manage the temperature overnight so I’ve been doing it manually. I just put the old thermostat back in for now until this is fixed. I love wyze products but this one is just not ready. Are they growing to fast? I hope they’re not just aiming for an exit strategy with all these new products being launched so fast. I’ll hang in there until the next firmware and try again.

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Unfortunately Wyze made a huge mistake with the thermostat. It’s obvious they marketed it long before it was ready, apparently they were desperate for capital to operate with, their testers completely are incompetent. This product will cost Wyze enormously,
New customers will back away from Wyze products and many present customers will be cautious about buying their products in the future.


I also bought 2 and installed one yesterday and had the same issue you mentioned of dropping and changing the current temperature in a matter of seconds and was turning the furnace several times. Let me know if you contact Wyze, this is my first night though, but can’t still the second if this one is behaving like this.

I hope Wyze is tracking this forum, this is unacceptable

No reply from my support response to my initial problem. It wasn’t taking power from the C wire. I had to install a two wire transfer to give it full power.


are you experiencing the same swinging temperatures you mentioned that moves the current temperature 4/5 degrees within seconds back and forth that triggers the boiler/furnace everything? I couldn’t sleep last night trying to pay attention to that awful behavior, not sure if this can be fixed through firmware, or the problem is the temperature sensor built in the thermostat. I will be trying this one for a week and it keeps swinging the temperature drastically I will return it and maybe get a Sensi thermostat (~$140 though)

The issues with the Wyze thermostat are so many. It would be hard to even start a list.
I’m sure it’ll be a long time before the firmware is really useful.

I personally have an Ecobee 4 in my house , trouble free since day 1. I tossed around deciding to get a Ecobee 3 Lite for my shop or the Wyze.
I went with the Wyze because I have many of Wyze’s other products with no big issues.
What a mistake, Wyze $50.00 . I could have got the Ecobee 3 lite with rebate and Wisconsin has a Focus on Energy rebate that would have put the Ecobee just under $100.
For less under $50. more I would have had a unit that is know to be flawless

My Wyze purchases have stopped, no more of this, until they fix all the issues with thermostat.
This assume will be about a year for them, as they have made no attempt yet to improve the product.

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Yes. My thermostat temperature was swinging wildly every time I looked at it. I did not sleep well the first night because I feared something bad would happen with my furnace with the constant on off commands in the short term. I’m waiting for the firmware update. I’m happy with all my wyze products so far except this one. But this one is SO IMPORTANT because it affects everyone’s comfort on a daily basis.

I’m just waiting for the firmware update before I try it again.

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