Wyze Thermostat Heat Settings

I just installed the Wyze smart thermostat. Very easy install and looking forward to trying out the features of a smart thermostat as this is my first one I’ve ever owned. The auto setting looks nice but im sure most people dont want their HVAC system switching from cool to heat (i dont quite understand this setting yet). A feature that I want(and please let me know if this is possible) is to keep my heat mode on but i dont want it to turn on until the temperature hits 69 and then turn off when the temperature reaches 72. The heat mode now is set to 72 and every time it goes down one degree(to 71) the HVAC kicks back on. I feel like that is a total waste of energy just to keep moving my thermostat one degree roughly every hour. So, i’m sorry if im not explaining this correctly but please let me know if there is a feature like this or i’m using the Wyze thermostat incorrectly.


My thermostat works similarly. I set my thermostat to make my house 66 degrees. It turns on and heats to 68 degrees and then shuts off. When the temperature drops to 65 degrees, it turns my heating system on again. So, like yours, when the temp goes one degree lower than I set it, it turns the heat on.

That doesn’t bother me as much as my heat going up two degrees higher than I set it to be.

But in your case, this is what you want. Seems to me that if you set your thermostat to 70, it will heat your house to 72 and then turn off. When your temperature falls down to 69, it will turn the heat back on … and heat your house back to 72.

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Yep. i’ve turned down my furnace to 61, and it’s usually around 63 in the house with the wyze.