Wyze thermostat will turn on heat, but will not turn OFF the heat once desired temp is reached

Installed thermostat 6 days ago. Drilled new holes into the wall. Setup was very easy. I love the interface and features. But one fatal problem for us: When set to “Auto” or “Heat” mode, once the heat is triggered by the temperature (66 degrees for heat/84 degrees for cool), the heat will run constantly and will NOT turn off on its own. The only workaround we’ve found is to manually restart the HVAC system. This does the trick temporarily. Once the temperature drops below the 66 degrees in the app, heat turns on, and within an hour, the house is at 73 degrees, and will continue to climb until we manually reset the HVAC yet again.

Very frustrating. We submitted a ticket 4+ days ago, NOTHING from Wyze support. I am ready to return the unit. Get what you pay for I guess- both with hardware and support.

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I’m in the same boat. Thermostat is set to 70, by the time it shuts off, it’s hot in the house and the thermostat is up to 74. Is there something I’m missing in the settings? I’m close to throwing my ecobee back on the wall and returning the WYZE. Would be nice to hear from the Devs or Mods on this issue.

just… turn down the temperature?

Also, I don’t know how so many people can tolerate the heat being set to 70… I’m guessing none of you live in a cold climate. :laughing: Today it’s supposed to get up to 37F, the hottest it’s been in over a month, an likely the hottest it will be until mid March.


Pretty sure here in Las Vegas we have made it illegal for day time high temperatures to be that low! :smiley:

maybe read the post before being snarky. HEAT DOES NOT TURN OFF

I did read it- he had it set to 70, and it was overshooting to 74. My recommendation was to turn it down, so that the overshoot was closer to the temperature he wanted it to actually be. Note that I was not responding to OP, I was responding to j.boliver43.
OP probably has something setup incorrectly or a bad wyze if it really never shuts off.

Sounds defective. Post your wiring pics? Type of furnace?