Thermostat continues to cool after reaching temperature setting

We purchased a Wyze thermostat a few days ago and noticed that it was continuing to run the A/C even after reaching the temperature setting. Originally thought it was an issue with the wiring/setup but later found that if I manually increase (or decrease) the setting one degree then move it back to the original setting it turns off. Does anyone else have this issue? The attached photo is what showed for almost an hour until I manually toggled the temp back and forth then it shut off.

Additional info:
-We deleted all schedules and tried it with just temperature settings
-Differential Temp = 1 degree
-Temp correction = 0 degrees
-No fan cycle active (just auto fan)
-firmware version = 1.2.1

Welcome to the community @Tyler123 . I am a Volunteer community member and not a Wyze Employee.

Curious on the following:

  • What is your Behavior setting set to?
  • Do you have any Remote Sensors? If you do what do you have those set as?

Here is something I found on Reddit:

if you have your heat set to 71 and your setting in max energy savings then it will heat to maybe 73 before turning off to keep the system from turning off and on as much. It may not start heating until 69 degrees as well. If it were set to max comfort it may on heat to 71.5 degrees before turning off and start up at 70.5.

Thanks for the reply. The current behavior setting is set to “balanced” and no remote sensors. Although maybe the reddit post is on to something, If I’m understanding correctly, in my situation the thermostat reads 70 it may actually be like 70.3 degrees and it is trying to cool down to 70.0?

Updated with a new screenshot. Now I am really confused.

If you are set to 1 degree differential temp, that behavior is normal for me too. Set it for 75 and it will continue to cool for a bit even after it shows 74. On the other side, it won’t turn on until it’s been at 76 for a while. If I change to 0.5 differential temp, I might see 74 displayed but it normally just for a bit after it shuts off the compressor but fan is still running. I suspect what is happening is that it begins to display 74 when you are really at 74.4 so it won’t shut down the compressor until it gets to a full 1 degree which is 74.0.

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Is it continuing to cool at 100% at this point (does the temperature drop far below your set point), or is it just running the fan over the slightly cool evap coil and cycling the compressor to maintain this temperature?