Wyze Thermostat cools beyond set point, runs until I stop it- so frustrating

My new Wyze thermostat runs beyond the set point and I have no idea why. Example, if I want it to cool to 74, it will run seemingly indefinalty while cooling beyond that point until I manually retart the device or bump the air up. Scenario - I want it to cool to 74 when in Sleep schedule. I can wake up in the middle of the night and it be 72 degrees and still running (hours later) until I manually make it stop. I have also noticed that the thermostats reading is one degree higher than my app (until I bum it up or reset the devide) or when I restart it, the thermostat reading will be lower than previously shown.

Behavior - Balanced

Scheduled -
Home… 8am between 67 and 76
Sleep… 8:30pm between 65 and 74

Temerpature preferences
Home…Below 77
Away…Below 77
Sleep…Below 75

Auto Switch - Off

No sensors / No hold