Thermostat does whatever it wants, incorrectly and random

I have my temps set for:

  • Home = 66
  • Away = 54
  • Sleep = 64
    Schedule set for Sleep at 00:15 (64°) Home at 9:30a.m.(66°) Home at 6:30p.m. (67°)
    I have the temp correction at +4° because the unit reads that much higher than the two thermometers next to it. Yet for some reason, at 11P.m. tonight (as an example), when the temp should be 67° I look at my wyze app and it says “Your living room is 73°” Why is it anywhere near that temp? I am in Maine its 18° outside. There is no reason it should be that high. The unit also changes the temp its at constantly, it will say 73° and two minutes later it says its 69° another two and its 66° it will stay at that temp for a while then kick on the heater up to 70+. makes zero sense what its doing.

Yes, the Wyze Thermostat is worthless like most the Wyze products other than the cams.
Wyze should of just stuck to cameras only business model

I have a Wyze Thermostat and have been using it for a very long time. It is one of my most stable devices.

In the past, a user experienced an issue with a defective mounting plate that caused the Thermostat to overheat on the wall and push the ambient reading too high. It also caused the unit to operate outside if the temp ranges set. Check that all your wires are fully inserted into the lugs on the mounting plate, there are no possible points in the wires that may be scratched or nicked that are touching or arcing, and that the pins on the back of the head unit are straight and pristine.

Also, when you set a schedule, your preference temps get ignored after the initial schedule save. If you change your preference temps later, your schedules will NOT get updated. And, scheduled temp setpoints for each state overrule any preference temp setpoints for each state. Preference temp setpoints and saved schedule temp setpoints have to be edited independently of each other for every state change and time block. For example, it is possible to have multiple “home” time blocks within your single saved schede all with different temp setpoints and all different from the preference setpoint.

Drill down into each schedule time block to verify that your temp setpoints for each time block are matching what you are expecting to see.


I’ve had the wyze thermostat since June and it’s been a solid and useful device.

It’s been helpful in reducing over usage of my hvac unit, over usage of power and being able to control my house temperature.

A few hiccups along the way but that was mainly bc I was using my ISP’s gateway that had bad connectivity. Once I replaced the gateway to a mesh system my device no longer has had any issues.

Granted I am not 100% confident in it , it’ll take a while for this device to gain my trust bc of a few hiccups but it is a solid device and one that I have enjoyed using for 6 months

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As with @SlabSlayer , I have had mine for a while now. It has been functioning extremely well. I replaced my Ecobee with this T-Stat and have not regretted it. Is there room for improvement, yes, but there was also room for improvement with the Ecobee.

Ensuring you have your schedule setup with the temp you want is paramount here. In addition, if you are using remote sensors, make sure you set them up correctly and function as you intend.

I am set for better comfort on the behavior and made sure my schedule represented what the temp should be,