Wyze thermostat temperature off

Got my thermostat yesterday and got everything hooked up and all seems well replaced a very old rotary style thermostat so definitely a big improvement gas forced air heat and AC with no issues using the c wire adapter and like that I can see what the temp is set to when I’m working overnight. Only issues I have seen is the temperature reading being off about 3-4 degree and adjusted that with the app, anyone else having issues with the accuracy of the temperature

I’ve been doing a lot of testing with mine since I plan to give one as a gift and I want to make sure it works right. I’ve found the temp displayed on the thermostat itself is fairly accurate with other sensors, including my old sensi thermostat.

However there appears to be some discrepancy with the temperature displays in the app. I think it may be with how the temp is rounded to whole degrees in the app. for example the set point might be 71 and the system shuts down at 71.5 degrees but reads as 72 on the display.

Really, accuracy is a bit of a misnomer here and more there is an inconsistent display of the temp imo.

I can understand that but I have noticed an experienced it with the display itself night time it gets set at 65 I woke up this morning it was 62 according to my weather station in the kitchen and 61 according to the other set I have. Now that I did put the corrections through the app 68 is 68 now and now tonight this set is 65 and holding it

I think I experienced a similar issue when I first got it too. it seemed like it had to be 3 degrees below the set point before it kicked in. I almost thought it was broken. I kinda think this is the same rounding thing, but in the few days since it’s started kicking in around a degree or so under the set point so I don’t know what’s up.

you could try adjusting the temp display to compensate rather than change the set point

The thermostat I got indicated a temperature two degrees lower than the old thermostat and another thermometer I have said it was. I had to adjust by -2 in the Advanced → Temperature Correction settings. The thermostat readings are now similar to the old thermostat.

I’m kind of surprised that the thermostat has a flaky thermometer like that, but I guess that, in combination with the adjustment settings, it’s what Wyze was able to save money on.

Yes and that’s exactly what I did but I had to do -4 to get it to set up for a temperature but it works and I’m happy with it. now as long as it works with the new furnace being installed in the next couple weeks that will be the real test the furnace I have now is 20 years old. The new furnace I’m getting has a lot more features

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Please report back on the new one :slight_smile: My system is about 15 years old and I’m dreading the thought, but it’s getting to be that time :open_mouth:

Yeah I have one more guy coming tomorrow for an estimate cuz I’m really not sold on the Lennox brand at least what both local companies want to give me they don’t have very good reviews see what this gentleman has the offer and then go from there

From what I understand Amana is the brand to get, but I’ve also learned that a lot of those brands are all made in one and the same factory, or at least by one and the same holding, so it may not be all that different in the end. :man_shrugging: Either way, not looking forward to that purchase though :smiley:

That is the brand of my fridge but I believe this gentleman coming tomorrow is a dealer for Goodman. Which I’m looking up is actually made in the same factory as Amana. Overall the brand is rated higher than Lennox they are cheaper units cheaper to fix and they have an awesome warranty so I’ll see what he has to offer tomorrow cuz as it stands right now I’m looking at about $2,800

Thanks for the tips guys. I love that Wyze has a forum. My temp was off 4 degrees and being able to correct it in the settings is great.

I am having issues with the temperatures as well. The thermostat is reading 70, program is set to 68 and my thermometer is reading 66. I adjusted the temperature control, how long does it take for the correction to kick in? It was very cold in the house this morning, hoping for a warmer morning tomorrow.

The correction was instantaneous with my thermostat. It immediately showed the updated information after entering it.

Mine was instant also since mine was reading warmer then it actually was I did - the temperature that it was off and fixed it

If the temp adjustment in Advanced settings isn’t correcting the temp error, I’d return the tstat. Good luck!

Wrong temperature readings

I seem to be experiencing this quite a lot lately

The thermsoats temperature reading and the app’s temperature seem to be out of sync

Today I was in my house and felt it pretty warm , the thermostat read that it was 75° and so I turned it down to 73° manually by the dial but the thermostat would not cool down to 73°

So I checked the thermostat through app and it read that it was 73° ,

Even when setting the thermostat to cool down to 73° via the app it still wouldn’t cool

I had to unplug the thermostat from the wall and plug it back in for it to kick on and cool the house

I’ve been having to do this about 2-3 times a week for the last 3 weeks now . Just thought I’d make a post about this and if it persist will submit a log

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do you have any remote sensors?

Only 1 but that is in my basement .

I will get some more and place them on the same level as the thermostat

I am actually asking because I have remote sensors and one is part of my comfort control. When you do this, what shows on your app is the average of the temp and what shows on the T-Stat is the temp in that location. I submitted a wish to have the T-Stat show the temp of the average, and maybe add an area to show what it is in that location. Bt the primary display should be the home temp and not just that location.

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Yes the room sensor I have downstairs in my basement is part of comfort control

So if I’m understanding right , then the room sensor that’s downstairs the temperature from that sensor is displaying on the thermostat ? Meaning it will override the already set preferences…?

Bc before i added the room sensor my temperature differential on the thermostat was .5 degrees and when I set up the room sensor I set the threshold temperature to 3°