Thermostat actual temperature

Actual building Temperature on Wyze thermostat shows 3 degrees lower than I assume is correct temp. I have placed 3 different thermometers along side of the Wyze tstat. All three show the same temperature that is 3 degrees below what the Wyze thermostat shows.
Is there a adjustment to correct this issue?

In the App under settings(Gear icon) /advanced/ temperature correction.

I tried that
, doing that only changed the differential time between set temp and actual furnace coming on.or off.
ie: temp set at 50 degrees @ 0 degrees temp correction, furnace would come on at about -1 degree from set point. I changed the temperature correction to +3 degrees and then furnace set at 50 degrees would not shutdown till 53 degrees on my 3 secondary thermostats Iā€™m using to verify building temp
Did not change the temp reading on the Wyze tstat that still showed 50 degrees.

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