Thermostat and wrong temprature(s)

Good afternoon.

I have discovered a weird issue with my Wyze Thermostat. I have noticed that at night it wasn’t kicking on the heat as I have it set to, which is set to 68. I would regularly see it showing 64 or so and I would need to manually adjust or use the app to turn up the heat… This is the first of my issues.

The following is something I discovered this morning. The images were taken while I recorded a video.

What I can show is that the surrounding wall shows a lower temp than what the thermostat shows. The closer I move to the top of the thermostat, the closer the temperature gets to the displayed temperature.

Usually a difference of 5 degrees.

Can anyone help me with this?

I guess I can’t attach images? Seriously?

I’ve asked the mods to allow you to attach images. This is a limit on new users, usually overcome with some involvement in the forum.

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You should be able to add attachments now.

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Images attached. Thank you so much! Video may be too large.

Does anyone have any ideas? Or should I try and get a replacement?

Nothing specific to suggest, very strange. I’d give them a call for a replacement. Mine arrives today, and it took about a week from call to delivered replacement. Good luck!

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I am still learning my thermos and am by no means an expert, but first thought…
Is this within your schedule? Do you have a sleep time with a lower temp set?

I monitored my Thermos with an external device and found both of mine were one degree cooler than the room and adjusted this under the advanced options “temperature correction”. 5 degrees is a bit wide but the environment can be a factor, vent, windows, doors, etc near the thermostat or is there something on the backside of the wall warming the wall up near the thermo?

Side note… I will be happy to get the remote thermometers that are supposed to connect back to the thermostats and hopefully get more balanced control for larger spaces, where my entry way can be 10 degrees cooler than where my thermo actually is.

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We have seen the wall penetration for the thermostat wire allow a small airflow through it and cause thermostats to have high or low readings. You could remove the thermostat and try some plumbers putty (or something similar) to seal the penetration and see if it has any impact to the performance.