Wyze Thermostat Temp. Accuracy

We just had a new high efficiency furnace installed and we installed the Wyze Thermostat at the same time. We had no issues with the install or it’s ability to control the furnace and AC unit.

The issue we are having is the accuracy of the temperature sensor in the thermostat. The house feels colder after the installation with the same programming. To check this I added a higher accuracy thermometer next to the thermostat. I found that the thermostat reads 3 degrees higher than the thermometer.

The thermometer is +/-0.5 F accurate, so it’s not that.

Are other uses finding the same issue?

Welcome to the Wyze community @swood!
If you go to the thermostat settings, then advanced settings of your thermostat, you can use he temperature and humidity correction to fix this issue.

I felt that my thermostats (2 w/ zone Controls) were reading/showing a higher temp than the actual temp in the house. So I did a side by side with a digital thermometer (still am actually) and found that they were generally .3 +/- degrees in difference. So where the thermostats are placed they are reading well… It’s pretty cold here in the mid-west as of late and I have a number of “cold spots” throughout my home. So I will be interested in the extended temperature sensors, said to be coming out this year.

While I believe it is colder in my home it most likely for me is due to the winter months and the material used in the build of my home where the cold spots are, not my thermostats. Oh, I also had one of the thermostats set for Max savings, and it wasn’t heating at times… user error :slight_smile:

R.Good, Glad to hear it’s reading well for you. What thermometer are you using? I have a Govee thermometer right next to the thermostat and getting a much larger error. I have to set the thermostat to 70 degrees to get the Govee to read 68. I’d like to take it apart to find out what temp. sensor they are using, but don’t want to void any warranty.

It’s a Oregon Scientific… older than what they have available to purchase now, but still works well.

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just installed a new Wyze thermostat yesterday and it seemed to be off on the temp reading. I waited until this morning to see, it is set to 68 degrees. it felt awfully cold in my house i looked at the Wyze and it read 70. my two other thermometers read 59. I had just a simple older dial (mercury) thermostat for years and never had an issue. After reading some other online reviews, I think I will just go back to the old style I wanted this so I could check on it when I go out of town and I could adjust accordingly Is there something I did wrong hooking it up ? Does it not work well with just the old 2 wire type system ?

I think I found nit through the advanced settings ? will try and see if it works better now