Thermostat has inconsistent readings

I’m having problems with getting the correct temperature from the thermostat. I understand you can adjust it in advanced settings but the readings are irregular meaning sometimes it’s off 2° and sometimes it’s off 4°. Is there something I could check or do I just have a faulty thermostat?

If it’s off that much, I’d return it. My temp readings are accurate.

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What are you using to compare the temperature of the thermostat?

My temp reading is 13 degrees off (high). I am using two separate wireless thermostats to compare…along with common sense. Super disappointed. Big deal since it is around 0 degrees where I live. Pain in the ass to disconnect and reconnect old thermostat. Hoping I can get a new product.

I have 2 other wireless thermometers that I sat on a picture right next to the thermostat. Even after I adjust the temp in settings to match them it only lasts for a short time then it’s wrong again. Still waiting to hear from Wyze about a replacement. They don’t make it easy.