Wyze Thermostat resolution question

I was wondering if anyone knows what temp sensor is used in the wyze thermostat? Just curious because I’m trying to calibrate my thermostat and my Govee temp/humidity sensor and I’m noticing that I can’t get them to act the same even though they are right next to each other.

I stood in front of them and the heater was running. The Govee temp sensor reads in tenths of a degree, but the thermostat only shows the temp in whole degrees on the display. So, I waited until the Wyze thermostat reading switched to 72 degrees (which kicked off the heat). and right at that point I changed the calibration on the Govee so it too read 72 degrees.

I thought I was good, but then as the heater turned off and the fan kept running, the wyze thermostat changed to a reading of 73 degrees. Yet the Govee read 72.3 as it’s highest temp.

The thermostat was set to a one degree differential temp and was set at 71, so it would turn on at 70 and turn off at 72. However the Govee sensor was only reading temps between 71.4 and 72.1 before the calibration change I just made to try and get them closer. It just seems like the Wyze thermostat is swinging more than the temp sensor.

I’m wondering if the temp resolution is in tenths of a degree on the Wyze thermostat, but they just can’t display the partial degrees? If that is the case, I’m wondering if they are rounding up and down,… so if it reads 71.5 the display shows 72 and if it reads 71.4 the display reads 71???

I’m not dissing the thermostat or saying one product is more accurate. I love my Wyze thermostat and all of my other wyze products and I only purchased this Govee temp/humidity sensor because of the resolution and because I can see and export the data from it. If the wyze room sensor did that I would have purchased it instead!

Maybe an engineer on the thermostat team can chime in or maybe someone has taken one apart and knows which sensor its using so I can look up the resolution specifications.

Any help in getting these two to read closer to one another or any other info in general in greatly appreciated!!