Thermostat unit is warm and throwing off temp sensor

Saw something similar on reddit and did my own temp checks. Maybe I received a faulty unit? I am now realizing why when I open the app, the temp shoots up - it’s because it’s waking the thermostat up and for whatever reason, the thermostat runs very warm. I think this throws the sensor off by a few degrees. Wanted to like this thing but this is unaçceptable.

Anyone seeing the same?

You can calibrate the temperature sensor in the app if it is always reading high. From what I understand, this is due to a furnace transformer that is not very well regulated and is putting out higher than normal voltage, causing the wyze’s power supply to run warm.

Thanks speadie but it’s not always reading high. It only reads high when it “wakes up” via my phone connection or detecting movement. Once it wakes up, it will read 2-3 degrees warmer after about 30 seconds. This has a huge impact on just trying to set the temp a few degrees warmer than the current one, since it magically gets warmer without the furnace even kicking on.