Thermostat stuck in heating

Woke up this morning and the heating was on and the temp in the house was 71, the thermostat should turn off but did not. I changed the setting on the app from auto to off, and it did not change. After waiting a long time, hoping that it was slow… The temp in the house is now 72… I decided to run the “System Test” and that test operated correctly… The heating was already on and the test turned on the AC and I finished the test. After what seemed like 5 minutes the AC turned off.

It overshoots, set it lower. Hopefully they fix this annoying behavior.

Yup this happened again during the night… should have turned off after going above 67… didnt turn off until 74 degree was reached.

Hi, Can you submit a log when you notice this behavior next time? We will investigate the reason. thanks

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When would be the best time to start the log… Directly after the thermostat has shut off, or when the heater is still on and is several degrees over the set point?

Also, I notice that when the WYZE thermostat operates to heat the house, the A/C outside condensing unit fan is running.

Does your A/C condensing unit turn on when your heater kicks on ? My does. :frowning:

That means you told it you have a heat pump, or your installer hooked up your ac directly to your thermostat, and you tried to use the c-wire adapter, or you plugged the wire that goes to your compressor into your c wire adapter. Show pictures of your wiring.

Do you not have a heat pump?
If you have a heat pump your ac should be running for heating.
If you do not have a heat pump, your o/b wire is actually a W1 wire.
Assuming your installer used the standard color coding, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you do not have a heat pump,

Remove your thermostat from the app and long press the thermostat button to reset it and re-add it, telling it you have the following wires during setup: C,G,Y1,W1,R

I will try this… Thank you.

Good Morning,

Since the WYZE product does not have a “R” for the wire to insert in, just has a Rc or Rh , which one do i insert the wire?

Thank you


The A/C compressor is no longer kicking on with the heater. Thank you! I’m still testing the overshoot temp issue.

So… It seems so much better now… instead of 4-5 degrees overshoot. It is now only 1 degree… I think I’m good.

Thank you!

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