Wyze Thermostat does not turn off heat

Simply put, Thermostat will not automatically turn off the heat.

The wiring under my thermostat is as follows;
RC, Y1, O/B, C

Utilizing my thermostat through the summer worked great, met thresholds, schedule, etc and turned off when it had met thresholds.

Now as it’s getting cold outside, the thermostat is kicking on heat appropriately, however once heat is on it will NOT turn off.

I’m quite sure the wyze thermostat believes that it has shut the heat off however it continues running to the point where my house was literally at 99 degrees the other day as my 14 year old got home from school and messaged me that the house was 100 degrees… I check the app and on the thermostat it shows at 99 degrees.

Triggering the wyze thermostat to restart does turn off the heat. It is the only way I have found so far with the wyze thermostat to turn off the heat.

I also got a new wyze unit to verify the previous one was not defective, the new unit expierences the same issues.

If anyone is able to help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

I am sorry this is happening. If you can post some photos of your wiring it will be easier to help. Possibly a photo of the wires going into the thermostat and the wires at the control board.

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My apologies for delayed response. I will get a few pics and will upload tomorrow. Thanks for your help

What brand of heatpump do you have? model number, etc.

I’ll do my best to get you this info, I don’t know much about this though so any info when I’m looking would be helpful.

I’ll try to look tonight and see what I can find.

My apologies for the delay,

I have finally procured pictures. I attempted to attach them to the post however it says I can only attach 1 image at a time, therefore I have attached a google photos link with pictures.

Please let me know if you would like pictures provided on a different platform.

I did also want to add that there is one new detail of discovery. When the heat reaches it’s desired threshold (when the thermostat would usually turn the heat off), It is noticed that the heat does stop or ALMOST STOP for approx a half second. (You are able to hear the heat blowing as usual, and then the heat almost goes off, seems like a stutter almost).

I really hope this info is useful, my family has gotten used to manually rebooting the thermostat through the app and we’ve been able to manage for the most part, however I do want this to work properly… that would be so great. Thanks to anyone that’s able to help!

My apologies for the delay,

I have more info, when the thermostat reaches temp threshold (when it should be turning heat off), it does attempt to turn the heat off it seems. From my families perspective, we hear the heat blowing as it should, and then all of a sudden it sounds like it’s about to cut off as you hear the blower hesitate/stop blowing for a moment or two.

I’m hoping these images can be helpful.

This is a gas furnace, not a heatpump,
You have the following wires:
Rc: Red
W1: White
G: Green
Y: Blue
Reset your thermostat and tell it you have those wires. You’ll need to move the white wire that is in O/B on the wyze to W1. It will walk you through the setup of the C adapter, but it;s already hooked up, so you can ignore that. After you complete the setup, the furnace shouldn’t stay running constantly.


I did as you said and it is working perfectly! Thanks so much!