Wyze Thermostat has stopped heating

As of this morning, my wyze thermostat is blowing only cold or “room temperature” air. No heat.

It’s the middle of winter and I have an infant in the home, and no heat.

What is going on?


i turned the breaker for the furnace off then back on, and now it’s working. this is extremely concerning, as resetting the breaker is not a solution for an error of this magnitude.

does anyone with some knowledge on HVAC know why this could happen? it is a gas furnace.

Mine did this exact same this morning. It is like the thermostat fails to call for heat, but thinks that it is. Pulling the thermostat off the wall for a minute should resolve the issue like throwing the breaker did…I agree though, this is a BIG issue. Could cause burst pipes if someone is not home to reset it.

Given it happened in the morning I am wondering if it has something to do with the scheduling stuff? I am going to see if it fails again tomorrow morning…and if disabling my schedule fixes it for the morning after that.

Few questions…

  • Are you running the default schedules of Heating to 67?
  • Is your Fan set to Auto or Cycle?
  • Resetting the breaker will power cycle the IFC on the furnace if it was in a lock out state. This can be caused by many things, but without counting the led blinks on the board, you’ll never know. If it happens again, before tripping the breaker, check the LED and count the flashes. Post the result back on this thread along with your Furnace model, and tag me.

Even though I said to not set schedules when setting up the thermostat, the app did still have schedules active. I deleted them and added new ones which will raise the heat a few degrees at 8am. So this morning I was running the default schedule which would have heated to 73 I believe. Note that it wasn’t heating at all even though it thought it was.

Fan is set to auto.

When I reset the breaker and the furnace kicked back on, I noticed the pilot came on with no issues. The furnace is less than five years old and was just tuned up within the last year. I’ve never had this issue before with my prior Nest thermostat.

I will definitely do that…but it seems unlikely that a condition that would trigger a lockout would show up immediately after installing a thermostat? Stranger things…

I heat to 68 during the day and 66 at night. Fan is on auto. Humidity at 35-55.

This is pretty concerning. I think I will keep my mercury thermostat at the ready…

Yeah… my nest is still on the table next to the thermostat. This is one of the worst things that could happen with a thermostat because it thinks it’s working fine but in reality it isn’t heating whatsoever.

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Mine started doing something similar this morning. It said it was “heating to 66 in <1 min.” And wasn’t on at all no fan, no heat, no outdoor unit on. I switched it to off and then to heat and it kicked in.

Thermostat says I’m not compatible. My thermostat has 1 red 1 yellow 1 white and 1 blue wire. So do I need to return the thermostat?

Take a photo of your connections behind your thermostat cover.

There’s a blue wire that’s hard to see

It looks to be happening again right now. The sleep state turned off and the home state is now on, and the thermostat on the app shows that it thinks it’s heating but nothing at all is running on the furnace.

This is the same behavior as what @david.bono3 mentioned above. Seems it could be what happens before the “blowing no heat” as I described in the first post.

Yup its happening to me again. says its heating. Nothing is on however. No fan/compressor.

This is yet another case of Wyze webpage saying your system is compatible on the website checker, but not in app.

I successfully installed my first thermostat last night. Luckily for me, I had W, Y, G, B, R wires. I’ve had no issues so far and it’s holding at 74 degrees. I’ve not set a schedule. I’ve set it to hold until 12/31/2020 - State = Home; Mode = Heat; Fan = Auto.

Maybe the folks who are having issues could try changing the Mode from Auto to Heat and remove the schedule to see if it holds the temps, like mine does.

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Good call. I think I will do that. I hate to run it at one temp all the time. defeats the purpose. I understand its a good way to troubleshoot the issue.

How are yall deleting the default schedule?? All mine will do is let me unselect all the days accept one. Once I am down to one day highlighted green it will not let me turn that day off.