Wyze Thermostat has stopped heating

Swipe left on it.

But we shouldn’t have to just not use features of a brand new device because it doesn’t work.

This is what happens… app and t-stat say this. Look at the times on the phone, 12 mins of it thinking it’s heating?

No air from vent, no heat pump on outside. I start to get concerned. “Is it ever going to kick on? It’s 2 degrees below my setpoint, and I going to freeze tonight?” I ask myself.

If you wait long enough it will clear itself out. It does not add any extra time to the statistic page either. Which is interesting.

For a little bit I thought “oh this is how long until it turns on, it’s smart enough to know that it’s going to drop another degree in a minute and then will kick on” but I don’t think that’s the case.

Since deleting all schedules it functions a bit better.

It’s Christmas morning, 18 degrees outside and my thermostat isn’t heating my house.

This is insane.

The thermostat just doesn’t turn on the pilot light sometimes. No rhyme or reason. I’ve never once had an issue with this hvac system and it’s not even 5 years old.

This is honestly terrible.

This is seriously terrible. No heat in your house on Christmas morning when it’s 18 degrees outside.

I submitted my return request for this piece of garbage and will be happily sending it back. Thanks for making me drill a new hole in my wall that I have to patch up Wyze. That’s all this thermostat was good for.

I have the same problem. AC triggers fine and cools properly, heat just blows room temp air, doesn’t sound like it’s igniting the furnace. Blower triggers though. As of right now going to probably disconnect, I can’t afford no heat right now.

I hear the heating element kick on but ALSO my compressor outside is on at the same time… Both hot and cold are blowing at once when I use the heat setting.

EDIT: I deleted the thermostat in wyze app and did a reset on the thermostat itself by holding the center button for 5 seconds. The important next step after re-syncing the thermostat is to specify what type of AC you have after the syncing step!!!

I still have no heat. The pilot isn’t igniting. I believe the Wyze thermostat ruined my furnace. I’m unable to use my prior thermostat at this point.

We have no heat in the middle of winter on Christmas Day. Unbelievable.

How about using the old thermostat temporarily?

I was very close to giving up and putting my nest back in place. Personally haven’t screwed the mounting holes until I was sure the wyze would work.

Oh I went back to the nest already. It seems that the igniter power controller may have been tripped up somehow. Once I turned it off and back on using its own switch the furnace is heating again.

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I also cleaned the thermocouple which was barely dirty (it’s only a few years old like the rest of the hvac system) and checked all connection in there. Electric is on and fine. Gas is fine and going to other appliances.

So nothing is ruined and heat is working.

I’d suggest playing around with the wyze some more after the house is heated up.

The reason I tried longer than I normally would have to get my wyze thermo working was to get rid of the nest app. So much easier to have all my little house toys tied into the wyze app.

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I bought the Wyze thermostat because of that exact same reason but thermostats aren’t toys- that’s the lesson we’ve all learned here.

Note, you can delete the nest app if you also already have the google home app.

The app is slightly buggy when it comes to the thermostat setup but it does work.

There’s nothing wrong with the thermostats.

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The lesson can Say I learned from the whole setup would be… Go thew the Start up Guide very Attentively. I went threw the setup about 5 times before I realized two things… 1. when headed to my HVAC system to install the C Adapter the setup had showed a image of what I took as the wires where now being switched to different locations automatically after the installing of the C adapter… but I was wrong… I had to not only reliable them I also needed to relocated the wires to its proper locations to match the new label adding. 2. at the testing the system on the Heat I didn’t noticed that it stated to give it a few mins for the Heat to prime so that the fan will no longer fill as if it had been only cool air but that the system had now allowed the time for heat to warm up… thus taking me 4 retest to correct… after my last retest and thus allowing the time to pass and the system working… I did recall reading or watching a video about the Wyze thermostat needing to know how long it took for heat to take actions for later on becoming starter at knowing the proper amount of time to pass before triggering the fan to blow at the same time then heat would then be in-sync…

I am having the same issue. My temperature is set to 70, the thermostat is reading 69, and the app is red and says “heating”, but the heater is not on at all. If I turn the temperature on the app or thermostat up 1 degree to 71, the heater will kick on and heat. I have deleted all schedules and I have my app set on “hold” for the setting so it should be holding the temperature at 70 degrees. This thermostat seems to do everything but regulate the temperature in my house. If anyone is still having this issue where you have a set temperature, and the thermostat says it is heating, but it is not actually heating, I would suggest turning the temperature up a degree and the heat should kick on, at least it that works for me. Clearly this thermostat has issues. I would also like to point out I have submitted multiple “logs” through the app and multiple emails to customer service and have had zero response from WYZE.

Hello @pratt6019 This seems to be by design. It will give this screen when the temp drops below your setpoint letting you know it WILL BE heating IN one minute. Now it takes a lot longer than that depending on your heat loss. Once it drops 2 degrees, it kicks on, then overshoots it by a degree or two to maximize savings and minimize the amount of time the system will run an hour.

I agree its poorly implemented. It needs to spell it out better “HEAT/COOL TO (TEMP) STARTING IN
(X MINUTES)” would be better.

Thank you for the info. As someone who works from home this is really frustrating as I just want the temperature to remain constant. If anything this needs to be an option for energy savings that you can turn on and off, I am not sure why WYZE would make this the default with no way to override it. This seems to be a huge design flaw in my opinion and is something that is driving me and my family nuts and will probably be the reason we trash this thermostat and go to something else, which is really sad as I have tons of WYZE products, but the design flaws in this thermostat for someone who works from home is more than I can handle with 3 degree temperature swings all day.

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I agree with david.bono3’s assessment. The thermostat tells you that it’s heating to your desired level in xyz time and heats 1-2 degrees above, like most other thermostat’s do. To fine tune my heat setting, I’ve had to go into the “Advanced Menu” to do a -2* Temperature Correction as well as a 10% Humidity Correction. So now we feel comfortable with the 74* heat setting & 34% humidity level. Like you, my household is home 24/7. I may test schedules in the new year, if/when we return to work/school.