Wyze Thermostat - Heating issue

We purchased the Wyze thermostat 3 years ago. It has worked pretty well, but recently, it has stopped heating in the middle of the night. Thermostat shows that it is on and calling for heat but the furnace shows there is no call for heat. A reset of the thermostat through the app corrects this. This has only happened during the night, so far. During the reset, you can hear the relay click off and then back on again. After reading some of the other comments on here, I assume this has to do with W2 for secondary heat. I do not have, and never have, anything connected to that.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Does your furnace have the W2 wire hooked up?
If so, and it used to work, it’s possible that that stage has a fault (for example, in a resistive electric system, the second coil could be burnt out, or in a gas furnace, the high fire gas valve could have a faulty solenoid.)

No. It is W1, primary only. (gas, forced air furnace)

After further diagnosis, it appears that it was the furnace not staying lit due do a faulty flame sensor. This has been corrected and all is functioning properly.

It is still a bit concerning that the thermostat did not send a notification that is was calling for heat but the temp was still dropping. Though it had not hit the safety temp yet, it would have been nice to know ahead of time that there was a problem.