Wyze Thermostat - Double Cycling


Day three with the new thermostats (I have two systems in my house so need two thermostats).

Day 1 resulted in 2 successful heating cycles but ended with a blown 3amp fuse (at the furnace control panel) on both furnaces. I knew it was the fuse because the error code the furnace was throwing was error code 24. After asking google, realised it was the fuse. Unfortunately this was Sunday night and stores were all closed so we slept in an unheated house (toddler and infant in the house so I’ve earned my wife’s ire that night). Not good. Got to home depot at 6am the next da, grabbed the fuses and we were back in action.

Day 2 went mostly without an issue. However, late last night I noticed that the furnace would kick on, run for approximately 45 seconds, turn off for approximately 10 seconds and then kick back on until the house gets to temp.

Day 3, same behavior as Day 2.

My question is, since this is happening to both units, if this is caused by the thermostat itself or if something else is going on rhG will require an HVAC pro?

I’m worried of the long term effects of my systems cycling so much.


It’s been 6 days since my original post and both systems continue to do the same thing. Any ideas?

The fuse usually only blows if you have a short circuit. Did 2 wires touch each other?
As for the short cycling, What brand of furnace is it and what kind of furnace is it (heat pump, forced air, boiler, etc).

If it is a gas forced air furnace, is the burner igniting during the short cycle, or is it just running the fan?

Hi there, unfortunately I can’t help with the issue however I am having a very similar problem.

Professional installer had 2 x 3a fuses blow before temporarily installing a dumb controller and recommended I contact Wyze as he thinks it’s the unit itself.

Related, my Google nest started doing exactly what was happening with your Wyze, running for 10 minutes then stopping.



I’ve noticed a similar behavior that actually started with the very first “test” cycles while installing the Wyze stat. When the heat kicks on, the fan runs briefly (maybe only 10-20 seconds), then stops for ~10 seconds, then runs until it reaches the set temp. The stat is hooked to a brand new Goodman gas furnace that ran with a basic stat for about a week while the Wyze stat was being shipped. And this behavior was definitely not happening with the original stat.

I know our Goodman has a variable speed fan, and I can remember it running at different speeds with the original stat. Seems like the Wyze stat isn’t taking advantage of that. Or perhaps it is trying to, but failing, and the result is this business with the fan coming on briefly, then off, then back on.

The goodman will probably ramp its own speeds just fine, you could disconnect the green (G) wire until wyze fixes this issue.

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Thanks @speadie. I certainly can give that a try. Just out of curiosity, what does the green wire do?

If the green wire is G, then it allows the thermostat to manually turn your air handler fan off and on.

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