Wyze Thermostat smoked itself

Hello! Ordered and installed 2 Wyze thermostats December 2020. My house has separate units for upstairs and downstairs and neither have C wires so I used the included C wire adapter.

A few weeks ago I came home to both thermostats dead. Then, the one on my downstairs unit appears to have overloaded and shorted itself out, as you can see in the above pic.

I was out of town so perhaps there was an electrical surge or something while I was away. The transformer for the downstairs unit was also blown.

After tearing the things down, it looks like the blown component was a fuse on the back side. The upstairs unit looks unharmed, but still does not work.

Did I wire these things up wrong or something? I followed the step by step directions in the app closely and as far as I know I did everything correctly. Both thermostats were installed identically.

https: //imgur.com/a/JQb2nbU

https ://imgur.com/a/1dBqMQg

https ://imgur.com/a/4uhNPfk

Any help or information is appreciated. Thank you!

Update: I had to break some of the hyperlinks because I am only allowed one photo upload and two links per post.

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I am sorry something like this has happened. Have you contacted support and if you haven’t please do and let me have the ticket number so we can look into this.


It looks like a surge went beyond what the fuse can take. We upgraded our fuse tolerance level in the 2nd batch of production. Please contact our support team for a replacement.


Hey there, I have contacted support and have a ticket number: 2183676

Thanks for replying, I kept my old thermostats so I was able to switch back to them to keep my system up and running.


Thanks! I have contacted support and have a ticket number now: 2183676


I have sent your ticket number up to the team, was support able to help you out?


Thanks. They asked for some additional information so I sent it over to them.