Thermostat dead

Anyone have an issue with the thermostat burning up? Mine ran for about a month.

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Oh, jeez! Have you contacted customer support? We’d like to take this back to look into it and send you a replacement. I’ll also send this link over to the PM so he can look at this.


Hi @dwayneinfo
sorry for the experience. It is the fuse getting overheated. Our internal fuse was set to take <29V (should be 24V) so if anything goes wrong, it will break to protect the rest of your system, which is more expensive. It may be caused by a power surge. Could you please contact our customer support to get a replacement? Meanwhile, we will update our fuse to take more voltage for the systems with unstable voltage.


I have never measured more than 24v on the secondary side of the transformer. This blew the 3amp fuse that is in place. I can tell if the power in the house went out for any reason and it didn’t so I do not suspect a surge. I have gone through the support pages and am attempting to get this resolved. It will be cold here tonight (by Texas standards) and I currently have no heat control. Definitely need this resolved quickly.

Once you have a support ticket number, please give it to me and I’ll get eyes on it (if they aren’t already responding). Sorry for the timing as well as the trouble!

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Thanks! I’m on it!

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Yikes :flushed:

Cheap “24 V” furnace transformers often output up to 32 volts when unloaded.

If this is common knowledge then the thermostat would be rated for it. I could install a regulated power supply but I am not going to do that.

Yeah, looks like this 8 pin chip shorted out and then took the fuse with it.

I’m assuming that this is the fuse image

Any news on this?

Not sure why this is being ignored by Wyze. I have submitted several tickets and there have been no follow ups. Anyone have any suggestions?

I am sorry you have not heard back, I am passing this on to Wyze again and see if you can get a response.

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@WyzeJasonJ flagged me and let me know that this still hadn’t been resolved. We are super sorry about that! We’ve figured out why your tickets fell through the cracks and I’m told that you should now have a reply.

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I just had the same thing happen to me. Was working fine for 24 hours than came home to it clicking. Rechecked all the wiring and nothing. Powered up the unit again and it stated to burn. Took it down since I’m in Chicago and it got cold again. Glad I still had my other thermostat handy. Was able to put that back on and still have heat. Waiting on help from Wyze myself. All I have received is instructions on how to install. Guess what it was installed an working so don’t need that kind of help.

Good luck, it took weeks for them to respond to me. I got a new thermostat but have not installed it yet and probably wont. I received all kinds of apologies as I tried to make it clear that you cannot delay on an item that involves someone’s safety. Wyze said it was a “perfect storm” and I “fell through the cracks”, will be interesting to see how yours works out.

Call customer support: +1-844-999-3226

I contacted for replacement thermostat, and within 2 days, replacement was shipped. Pretty good service in my case.

Good luck!

Update: I was sent an email 7 days ago apologizing for the delay due to covid. No other communications still since. So 7 days of nothing 9 days since my original email to support. Will keep everyone up to date as to their support service. I have reached out on other forums and emails but still no response.

Sounds like the delay in response is Wyze internal debate whether it is a recall.
And to suspend sale s.
Quite expensive for Wyze if fire breaks out once.